Why love was absolutely in the air for these 2 fans week 1 in Dallas

How this couples love was a hit week 1

There’s an old saying that you’re only 5 people from being connected to anybody in the world. Our mission at OAT is to connect Cowboys fans around the world through social media. Well in week one not only did we see another ring sighting in Dallas, as a result we found out the “5 People” saying holds true.

Meet Terrence Collins. An Austin, TX native who has been an OAT member from Day 1. Over the last year in OAT many friendships have been formed, and after speaking with him on the phone yesterday about his proposal to Gwen Maldonado things became even more interesting.

Terrence and Gwen have been together for about 2 years now. A few days before the game against the Giant he shared he went out and bought a ring to propose to Gwen during game 1 of the 2017 season.

“I actually hid the ring in her car the day before when I flew to Vegas. That way I didn’t lose it, or it got stolen. I knew I couldn’t mess this up. Upon arrival of the game I called AT&T stadium to let them know my plans. Shortly after I received a call saying I had a very small window in the 3rd quarter. I wanted all of Cowboys Nation to witness this on the big screen.”

The world is really that small

While talking with Terrence about his story we began talking about our Texas roots. When I shared with him where I graduated in Thrall, TX. He knew right where it was. He stated his brother had attended there.

Say what?

After asking his brother’s name I was shocked! We actually went to highschool together. We played varsity football and basketball together and had much success. What a pleasant surprise that fate would bring this story full circle. We had this close of a connection among us, and never knew over the last year in OAT. After not seeing him (my friend) for over 25 years we will be connected together again soon because of this proposal.

That made it even more special that I’m able to share their story of how he proposed to his now Fiancee, Gwen during week 1.

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