How The Dallas Cowboys Fan Club of Corpus Christi (DCFCC) are banding together

By Yusuf Nakhooda

In the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey Dallas Cowboys fans are coming together in the community to help each other out to get back on their feet. The Dallas Cowboys Fans of Corpus Christi are taking the lead in ravaged areas of Texas by donating time, and items needed to survive.

Care packages personally packed by DCFCC to be handed out to those in need.

One such community are the members of the Dallas Cowboys Fan Club in Corpus Christi. This is a community that has been hit hard, with many members losing their property and personal belongings.   But in spite of that, they have come together to gather supplies, food, and provided shelter for those in need not only in Corpus Christi but as to neighboring towns as well, and even to Houston.

DCFCC leading by example amid tragedy

When I spoke to Belinda Gomez Ramirez who runs the club, her passion for giving back to the community she lives in, amazed me. I asked her what it means for her, and all the other members of the fan club to be giving their time and effort to lend a hand. She said” We will continue to help as long as we know there is someone in need. “Together we will make a difference one family at a time and show the people that no matter what team we all root for, no matter what beliefs we have, regardless of age, race, or religion, when it comes to hardship there are no barriers between us.

Jennifer (L) and Belinda (R) pictured here collecting supplies for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Jennifer Ramirez is the Vice President of the Club and is helping out with making food and setting up of donations. As a result she has also shown her passion for people. She says,

“If I had to put myself in their shoes, as this disaster could have easily been my family. ” The disaster hits you differently when you see it in person, how can you not help?” She added It’s heartbreaking seeing all they lost and all they care about is seeing people care and want to help, as well as when you see America’s Team stepping up to donate, as fans of America’s team we need to do the same.”

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DCFCC taking care of their own

Passion like this is heartfelt. In addition many Cowboys fan clubs on social media, and around the country are stepping up. They may not have the financial support to donate, but they are stepping up with their heart and giving all they can.

Finally, OAT Members like Belinda and Jennifer are outstanding examples of how people help people in times of need. Regardless of race, color, or creed. DCFCC is a fine example of True Blue Cowboys fans in action in this time of need.

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