Why you need to know this Cowboys fan passion is authentic Blu

During the fall of 2016 Cowboys Nation fan base was buzzing with excitement! Cowboys fans were creating and sharing social media content at an all time high. While scrolling down my Facebook timeline I see a young energetic Cowboys fan full of love and authentic passion. Absolutely on fire for our Boys.

Watching his video immediately draws you because of his passion.  A characteristic many fans express in different forms. As a result I felt inspired to share his story with you.

My introduction to one passionates fan rally cry for an entire fan base last fall was Super Fan Isaiah “Blu.”

“Dez Bryant is my favorite player. His passion and love for the game of football inspires me and my music for the Cowboys. I want all Cowboys Nation to share their passion and have faith in our team this upcoming season. The quest for 6 is real!” ~Blu

Get to know more about Blu and his journey

Isaiah is an 11 year old Super Fan located in Dallas, TX. Thanks to the “Legacy Group” I learned that Amanda Lara was his mother and reached out to her to get Blu’s story to share with all of you here at OAT.

Amanda shared Blu has been a Cowboys fan since birth. Rightfully so, Amanda is also a diehard Cowboys fan so it runs through his blood. While growing up it was around age 5 that Blu started putting words together through music.

Even when it comes to playing football in Dallas for Blu. Amanda shared that Blu made her drive 45 minutes across town to sign up and play for a team called the “Cowboys.” He refused to play for other teams with names like Texans, etc.

After his video above hit Facebook Amanda said in a matter of hours it went viral. “Waking up the next morning to go to work it had over 60K views” she said. Now it sits close to 1.5 Million views via her Facebook page.

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Blu’s music career just beginning

Thanks to all the exposure via his viral rally cry many doors are beginning to open up. Blu shared that local producers and radio stations are reaching out to work with him and showcase his passion.

This was a direct result of his weekly competition domination on DFW’s own K104 “Talented Kids.”

Blu may be young however he recognizes and pays homage to the Dallas Cowboys #1 Fan Ms Carolyn Mopping Price during one of her book signings in May.

Ms Price Blu2

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Although a Super Fan, still a kid at heart

During the course of our conversation I learned about Blu and his knack for winning prizes out of claw machines. He recently shared on his fan page a stunning Cowboys theme claw machine his mother purchased for him literally down the street from their home.

Blu Claw Cage

In conclusion

Blu is a shining example of the most loyal fan base in the NFL. A true die hard for his team in every sense. Following his journey from last year until now has been an absolute inspiration. Not to mention his mother Amanda says he is a great kid in and out of school with straight A’s!

His authentic passion clearly makes up his DNA. We here at OAT encourage you to support, and also watch him and his journey as he ascends new levels of success. Possibly one day performing center field at AT&T Stadium right in his own backyard!


New Blu video updated as of Septemeber 27, 2018

Blu is growing up right before our eyes Cowboys Nation!

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