What does your home say about your NFL team loyalty?

The beautiful thing about Dallas Cowboys fans are how we express our loyalty to the Star differently. We recently discovered a die hard Cowboys fan in The Legacy Group this past week that has completely decorated her home to showcase their family’s love to the Dallas Cowboys.

Meet Francisca Olivas and her family from New Mexico.

Know the rules before game day at the Olivas residence

After falling in love with Tony Dorsett during college at age 13 Francisca immediately became a Cowboys fan. How she expresses her love for the Cowboys is rather unique, and on full display. Her home has game day rules to follow by.

After purchasing her home she began decorating it with Cowboys memorabilia, and then paint. The entire house that is! It doesn’t surprise me coming from a fan who has their own rules for game days. The Olivas family goes all out!

The entire gameday includes the entire household to wear jersey’s. From starting the food in the morning and preparing for visitors, to blowing horns and ringing bells during game highlights and scores. She shared she’s very superstitious when it comes to her Cowboys.

Francisca shared with me also that she has an inflatable Tony Dorsett for their front yard on game days. Although she says not many Cowboys fans reside near her, it’s clear everyone knows her and her family are.

Show up to her house on gameday in another team’s jersey, and you can watch the game from the porch!

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Francisca Olivas also shared that she has had a pet dog and fish named after now retired Tony Romo.

In conclusion

Francisca and her family are a prime example of why the Dallas Cowboys fanbase is the best in the world. Each of us shares our love and passion for our teams uniquely. We here at OAT want to bring these fan stories to you personally.

Just as Francisca is a member of “The Legacy Group” there are many others yet to discover, and their unique stories. Just as her home completely tells her, and her families story about their loyalty, stay tuned as we will bring you new ones each week. Come join our group if your not in it already, and lets hear your story!

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