How every Cowboys fan absolutely feels after devastating loss

Dallas Cowboys fans around the world will spend Christmas day disappointed with yet another dismal season. In all the years of supporting America’s Team, this loss by far will leave an indelible mark which can’t be erased among our fans memory.

Our momentum was beginning to build after winning 3 consecutive games. In addition, getting help from other teams that would improve our chances of making the 2017 postseason. Therefore all the Cowboys had to do was win at home against a struggling Seattle team. One in which Earl Thomas begins his campaign to relocate to Dallas if given the opportunity per ESPN.

While trying to make sense of it all this Cowboys fan clearly sums up a fan base emotions right now

Dallas Cowboys fans to watch post season yet again without America’s Team

Adding another year to our fan resume will include continuing to support our team through yet another disappointing season. As a result having to watch Stephen A. Smith continue to draw ratings consequently due to the team’s failure is embarrassing. He was quick to jump on Twitter immediately after the game with this post.

In conclusion fans continue to point fingers at the Coaching Staff, Dez Bryant, and Dak Prescott

Finally as we all begin to awaken, and spend this Christmas with our family and friends let’s make thing clear. Change has to happen moving forward for our Cowboys in the 2018 season. What change, or changes will take place are currently unknown.
Most noteworthy is even local writers from the Dallas area are calling for the dismissal of head coach Jason Garrett.

Hang in there Cowboys Nation, brighter days lay ahead of us. With all of this talent we absolutely must find a way to put it together.

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