How the 2018 NFL Draft will actually be greatest venue ever

The NFL Draft is set to take place at AT&T Stadium on April 26-28. Proving yet again everything is actually bigger and better in Texas. For the first time, it will be held in an actual stadium. In addition the first time ever in Dallas.

NFL Senior Vice President of Events Peter O’Reilly and Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson released details today about the many free opportunities available to fans at the event.

Could this be the GOAT NFL Draft setting the bar too high to reach?

The NFL is creating a larger-than-life atmosphere by transforming the areas inside and outside of AT&T Stadium. The NFL Draft Theater will be built on the stadium’s field. Creating opportunities for more fans than ever to watch the event live and in person.

New this year, all 32 teams will send some of their most passionate fans to sit in the “Inner Circle.” An exclusive area for select fans to watch the 2018 NFL Draft from seats on the field. This special area features team rivalry zones. Chances to celebrate the picks with NFL players and Legends. In addition, opportunities to showcase team spirit on national television.

Selection Square Driven By Hyundai will be located inside the NFL Draft Theater. It will feature team tables where representatives from each club will make their Draft selections throughout the three days.

NFL Draft, 2018, OAT, Dallas, Cowboys
The interior of AT&T Stadium will resemble a political convention with ‘delegations’ representing each of the 32 NFL teams. (Photo: National Football League)

The rivalry connection between Dallas and Philadelphia returns with NFL Draft 2018

“Philadelphia raised the bar by taking the draft to another level. In addition, this new opportunity in Dallas will enable us to continue the event’s evolution and grow it even further,” Goodell said at the NFL owner’s meetings in New York in 2017.

Looking back to the 2017 NFL draft when Drew Pearson electrified the crowd with his selection speech only ensures this year’s draft will feature Eagles presenters to return the favor while in Dallas. Letting them know they finally won a ring.

NFL, Draft, OAT, Drew Pearson, Dallas, Cowboys
Make no mistake about it, Drew Pearson is all-in on making fans of the Philadelphia Eagles despise him during the 2017 NFL Draft.

Join other Dallas Cowboy fans at the NFL Draft kickoff party hosted by Drew Pearson along with VIP Sports on April 26th.

Full video of announcement with Drew Pearson at AT&T Stadium

In conclusion

The Dallas Cowboys will be setting the bar astronomically high for the venue that will hold the 2019 NFL Draft. Yet again everything is always bigger and better in Texas. I’m most certain Cowboys Nation is anticipating letting the commissioner Roger Goodell hear the loudest boos in any stadium than ever before. Especially in part because of how he handled the Ezekiel Elliott saga and suspension in 2017.

Any fan who is a die-hard is sure to be there. This is history in the making for many of us in this lifetime. In any case, simply show up and tailgate to soak it all in.

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