Why you need to know JoJo and listen to her rants

JoJo is not afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to our Dallas Cowboys. Her content is not for sensitive Cowboys fans. She will rant like no other! That’s the beautiful thing about our fan base isn’t it? We have so many talented fans around the world. At OAT our mission is to bring you their stories, and connect with them.

Last season I discovered JoJo on one of her rants after the loss we took to Seattle on Christmas Eve. Needless to say a very emotional time for our fan base, and she taps right into those emotions here. Watch at your own risk!

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After I reached out to her fan page last week, she immediately responded like a true die hard. After exchanging contact info later that week we chatted on the phone while sharing our passion with one another about our team. She also shared her history going back to a kid as a Cowboys fan.

JoJo is birthed from adversity into her ultimate passion

Jonique Johnson AKA JoJo, is a very diverse Cowboys fan who has seen many things in her life. Born in Honolulu Hawaii while her mother was in the Navy she later moved to live with her grandmother in Dallas. She attended her first game between ages 3-4 in Dallas with her there.

It was 1996 when she was fully baptized into the Dallas Cowboys religion. Dallas had just beaten Pittsburgh in Superbowl XXX, 27-17. She stated she remembers what it felt like to have that passion and loyalty for a team. Witnessing her grandmother along with thousands of other fans catch the holy Dallas Cowboys ghost of old on the streets of America’s Team in the 90’s.

“It was like every Sunday it was a family get together and BBQ to watch the Cowboys play. It was that sense of family and pride of belonging.” ~JoJo

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During the age between 12-13 years old is when she became fascinated with not only the game, but the science behind. The X’s and O’s. Breaking down the game from statistics, game plans, and strategies.

Only a short time later after graduating, and heading to pursue a broadcasting degree in college, family adversity struck. It was during these times where she dug deep to make sense of it all. Which in turn birthed the rants videos she post’s weekly on her Facebook fan page.

How to connect with JoJo and her Replays

Since taking off on social media she launched her very own Podcast. Covering everything from sports to everyday topics. She loves her Cowboys, but is very well versed in other sports. So be sure to check out her Podcast JoJo’s Replays here.

Just recently she is competing for a spot to debate our #1 Dallas Cowboys Hater, Stephen A. Smith on ESPN. She posted this video recently of her submission. Be sure to keep your eyes open for her!

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Whats in the future for JoJo in the 2018 season

I shared with JoJo our OAT event we are currently working on at a local venue in Dallas for the NFL Draft kickoff on April 26th, location TBD. As we talked about our fan base and how exciting the draft is going to be we we got side tracked.

She did share there’s a very good chance she can come out to our event due any unforeseen schedule change. Do you want to see a “Live” rant on location?

She is also looking into hitting her first training camp in Oxnard this fall. In addition she plans to attend many of the home games this season. One thing for sure is, you’ll likely see her ranting, or putting out great sports content on her podcast this year.

Connect with her on her Facebook, and Instagram account below. Be sure to subscribe to her Podcast as well!

Stay tuned for our future fan features here at OAT. Be sure to subscribe to my blog today as we have a long list in the works for you to get caught up on!






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