UK Cowboys Fans create social media # to attract Cowboys

UK Cowboys fans were ecstatic in 2014 when the Cowboys last visited. Now they have more reason to be excited again for 2019. Here is how their social media campaign plans to unfold.

The NFL recently announced that 8 teams would play in London next season. Since then, OAT has reached out to the fans running things across the pond. All in hopes of having a “Fan Reunion” in 2019.

After the NFL announced the 8 team scenario I hopped on Skype about a week later with Jamie, and Lauren from the “Not Just America’s Team” UK Cowboys Fans site. They have been listed in our OAT fan club directory almost since it’s inception.

In totality, according to Jamie the UK Cowboys Fans all started back in 2012 while he was on Twitter.

Both Jamie and Lauren have recently worked with the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys media teams since then. Aiding in the promotion of the games played there,  and the NFL brand. I even found an article written by Lauren back in 2015 on Landry Hat!

This quote right here sums it up nicely in her article from Jerry Jones.

“I sense an increasing interest in the sport and the ability in the UK to attract fans. This is incrementally a new market, there are new eyeballs there…I like the lay of the land.”- Jerry Jones

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How we can increase the chances for a successful UK Cowboys Fans social media # campaign

During our Skype we wanted to discuss how we as fans could increase the UK Cowboys fans from getting blessed again in 2019. All thanks to a phone call from West Coast he and I both had a week earlier. Essentially planting this seed and looking ahead.

First of all, to see just what being part of UK Cowboys Fan is all about, check out their footage from their bash below.

After informing their official Facebook group members of the matter they ran a group poll, and voted that #CowboysLondon2019 would be the unique social media # we will use for their campaign!

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Fate would create destiny during Cowboys 2018 home opener

During the 2018 home opener against the Giants, Paul Stewart was visiting from the UK on business with the NFL on Location. They were shooting some video of him for a special about Cowboys UK Fans. That’s our official clue here to this whole thing.

More to follow on that as it breaks however.

Simultaneously, our trusted OAT partner/member/admin, and super fan Stacheman linked up with him for what would be a major move for the OAT vision moving forward.

Oh and by the way, Paul also became a world-famous Borracho Tailgater during his stay!

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Stacheman added Paul into the Official America*s Team group shortly after, and then made him an Admin. All in hopes of adding new international flavor to our diverse fan group as a result.

This is a direct reflection of how OAT visionaries like Stacheman are making this OAT thing come to life!

Watch this short video of Stacheman and Paul while in Dallas after demoralizing the Jaguars.

Little did we know shortly after the NFL would announce 8 teams will be playing in London in 2019.

With that being said, the stars could be aligning for the Dallas Cowboys fan base.

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When the 2018 NFL season concludes we should likely look for news to break on which teams will play in London 2019. With only 32 teams in the league total, 8 are heading to London. In addition this will serve a dual purpose.

Can they actually put a team there in the coming years to expand the NFL to a global market? I would think the answer is a resounding yes. Now you can have a chance at making history as a Cowboys fan in the process.

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Use the official Cowboys UK Fans #CowboysLondon2019 to help create more buzz about this campaign! Each post you share on social media use it to increase this discussion and reach.

You never know, this could be a much bigger story within itself. Only time will tell.

Will you plan to travel accross the pond should the Cowboys play there next season?

Leave us a comment below, and share your thoughts, especially if you attended the 2014 game there!

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Update as of January 21, 2019

This article will serve as an ongoing campaign from our fan base to the NFL until the Cowboys are back in London!


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