Hotel Tango Whiskey; The Untold Jordan Smith Phonetic Alphabet Story

For Jordan Smith, Hotel Tango Whiskey means business. Normally when veterans hear any of the code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet communication directly increases. Keeping up with these 4 brothers from Indiana present a unique OAT story. WTF over. One about a different type of bond between brothers you may have not actually seen. Until now.

When there is a fire onboard a US Navy aircraft carrier you can’t call the fire department on your cell phone. A small team of firefighters called Damage Controlman stay on alert around the clock as first responders for the water-tight integrity of the ship. Even during their sleep. While the ship is underway. Via the phonetic alphabet code.

I was unaware until recently that the former Dallas Cowboys brothers duo of Jaylon and Rod actually had an Ace in their sibling hole. In addition, West Coast, also an Air Force veteran recently featured Jaylon, and his brother Jordan on his Memorial Day show. Many Cowboys fans may have missed Jaylon sharing his gratifcation for veterans as a result towards the end of the show.

Introducing brother Jordan Smith, and his current business venture with Hotel Tango in the process. Many of you will actually learn a few code words from the phonetic alphabet while reading this today.

What is Hotel Tango Whiskey and why you need to know

Hotel Tango Whiskey also has unique ownership: it opened as the first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the country in 2014. Thanks to the veteran community ties within Indiana, after serving in the US Navy Jordan connects the Smith brand with Travis and his.

To honor Travis’ military service as a Marine, they name it based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. Hotel for Hilary (his wife), Tango for Travis. Jordan is the Director of Sales for Texas, and Lousiana. Jordan grew up a Cowboys fan, and Emmitt Smith is his all time favorite player. Let’s talk about being in the Cowboys business for life.

The fact both Jordan and I served in the Navy our conversation on the phone was like connecting with long lost friends. The OAT connection with Hotel Tango Whiskey now intoruduces our readers to this disabled veteran owned and operated business for veterans, by veterans!


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Jordan, Jaylon, Rod, and now Rondale Smith

Over the last 4 years I’ve been very fortunate to have met both Jaylon and Rod. The Smith brothers are very approachable. So much so that during my call with Jordan discussing family football tradition the youngest Smith of them all comes up, Rondale. So you mean to tell me there are 4 Smith brothers now?

Yes. In addition, Jordan even has a niece with the middle name Dakota. They call her “Kota” for short. Cowboys pride runs deep within the Smith family. On and off the field. Rondale actually plays running back for Mercy Hurst University. Just when we thought we seen enough of the Smith’s. Below pictured left to right; Rod, Roger (father), Rondale, and Jaylon.


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A band of entreprenuer brothers on the rise

Back in 2018 while working with Jamal over at Clear Eye View OAT was very fortunate to be the first to bring Jaylon’s shades to our readers. Much like his CEV mission, Jaylon’s work behind the scenes with his Minority Entreprenuership Institute has inspired Jordan as a result to apply his entreprenurial skills learned while in the Navy.

Instead of fighting fires on board ship in his sleep he is now providing a voice of calm energy for veterans through mental health consulting. In addition, his first book in the works to follow. Now with brother Rod residing in Las Vegas however with the Raiders I wouldnt be suprised to see a Smith Brothers casino pop up real soon in Sin City.

As the youngest Smith brother puts in his work on the field keep your eyes open for his impact to be felt at the next level soon too. Im sure their father Roger is very proud of his 4 sons, and how their bond with sports and business is beginning to scale over time.

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In conclusion

Two years ago I seen the potential for Cowboys fan base creators to create with macro influencers on social media. Much like the phonetic alhpabet for veterans this provides a clear way of communicating their brands with die hard fans in OAT through content like this.

The veteran community consisist’s of men and women who are bond together through the alphabetic code for life. Sharing many experiences while serving in the ranks together as a result. Football and business run deep in the Smith family, but one thing is for sure. This is the first time you ever heard of this sea story. Is it not?  Be sure to subscribe to my blog today.

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Service to others is clearly visible by the way the Smith brothers operate on and off the field. Now knowing there are actually 4 Smith brothers, that was a story within itself too. But to have a brother who also served with a family of brothers and sisters in Arms for this country truly exemplifies the Smith family strength, and sacrifices they’ve made together as a unit.

If you’re in the phonetic alphabet community that would like to work with Hotel Tango please contact me via email today. Especially in sales. Expansion will always be on the agenda with OAT, and Hotel Tango. Please visit their official site to learn more. And lastly, if you really enjoyed this type of Dallas Cowboys content today please learn how you can help create more of it through my Patreon this year. Thank you in advance!

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