10 Dallas Cowboys Facebook pages fans need to follow in 2020

Facebook literally reinvented itself over the last year for creators. There for awhile it seemed as if timelines might dry up. Thanks to stay at home orders accross the country however Dallas Cowboys fans can now connect with trusted creators via the OAT network. Here are 10 pages I follow currently (in no particular order) and want to share with you for this 2020 season to help keep you in the know.

Initially meeting Jonique (JoJo) and connecting with her 2 years ago she was engaging many OAT members locally in the DFW area. Her RANTS are the best on Facebook. be sure to follow her and inhale her live content becuase she aint afraid of no smoke boys!

When I met Cowboys Y’all (Brandon) at the home opener last year he was actually flew in by a fan of his to experience the game and hang out at the OAT AirBNB. Hailing from TN he brings a new flavor, and a podcast recently to his page which not only entertains you, but keeps you plugged into daily Cowboys news.

Star Gang has been on the rise over the last 12 months. Led by BJ Nix this trio of Cowboys fans on their podcast bring a breath of fresh air with their Cowboys creative content. Be sure to follow them and subsccribe to their podcast. Great ideas, minds. and ability to create thought. Something about a Scorched Earth Offense?

Law Nation many of you have followed since his YouTube days. I briefly met Law at Cowboys Experience in 2018. His video focus with various backgrounds keep fans glued to his content. Very in depth analysis and film breakdown for more just than the average fan. Be sure to follow and connect with him today on Facebook. A cross between Puff and James Harden!

Big Game James really does a great job of curating breaking, and daily Cowboys news on his Facebook timeline. In addition his Live show, and Podcast are all over in his Facebook group Silver & Blue Nation. He also travels to events, interviews players, and personnel alike on his platform. Be sure to follow and connect with him this season.

Boss Cowboy is currently building an economy in the form of an audience. The last year since his arrival on West Coast’s show over at Dallas Cowboys Scouting he’s done nothing but numbers. In the process created his first ever draft guide on Amazon. His expertise alone has allowed my growth in the numbers department of the Cowboys. I HIGHLY reccommend you follow him today! I recently featured his story here in addition.

Your favorite Cowboys cousin West Coast is soaring to new heights thanks to Facebook’s creator program. Allowing creators the opportunity to monetize their audience through consistently great video content. His show recently birthed a Boss, and a team of highly trained SCOUT’s. I HIGHLY reccommend you start supporting him today. Especially if you’re a true die hard Cowboys fan. Pun intended.

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Big Blue Star has recently jumped on my radar thanks to their timely news breaking along with beautiful content to give their post’s life. Many followers share and engage their content in OAT. I truly appreciate their new approach and breath of fresh air on Facebook with Cowboys content.

It’s imperative that OAT maintains our international ties, and it’s network of creators among our fan base. Eventually America*s Team will jump accross the pond to visit our United Kigdom family for a game soon. Especially those die hards who are connected to our Cowboys Fan Club Directory. Allowing our mission at OAT to contiune to connect fans around the world through social media.

Last but not least for those who may just happen to discover my blog today. Be sure to follow the OAT extension fan page for our official group of over 17,000 fans below. We use the page to help grow our members ranks through awareness, share other creators content from our group, and build realtionships with our most dedicated monthly supporters. I’m currently SCOUTing talent to add as Admins to help grow this page, and help share Cowboys content more effectively this season. Shoot me a DM if interested.

In conclusion

Over the last 4 years inside OAT my knowledge about the Dallas Cowboys and it’s history has helped shape me into the fan I am today. Much of that came from following other die hard Cowboys fans who know how to break a thing down, or build a thing up. That’s why our motto here at OAT is “Built By Fans For Fans.” One of us needs each of us, and each of us needs all of us.  Thanks Angelica.

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