Errol Spence converting Dallas Cowboys fans into boxing fans

The Truth hurts when it comes to Errol Spence Jr and Dallas Cowboys fans. Last night he unified 3 belts in one photo along with Micah Parsons and Micahel Irvin. What’s the common denominator? Many NFL fans like myself who are not boxing fans may not actually know that Spence AKA “Big Fish” is also a Cowboys fan.

After defeating Ugas by TKO in Round 10, with the doctor calling off the fight after a steady diet of power shots left Ugas’ eye swollen completely shut, Spence was asked what he wants next, which he was quick to answer. Essentially speaking into existence his next competitor in the ring with Terence Crawford via CBS.

“Everybody knows who I want next. I want Terence Crawford next. That’s the fight that I want, that’s the fight that everybody wants. I’m going to go over there and take his shit too. Terence, I’m coming for that motherf—ing belt.”

Spence was born in Long Island, NY, but has spent the majority of his life living in Dallas, Texas.

Beyond his huge win in unifying 3 belts and eyeing how to link his fourth there is a bigger story in the ring at play. AT&T Stadium has essentially set the standard for NFL stadiums. Allowing all kinds of venues to be featured other than America’s Team on Sundays. Could this be a strategy Jerry Jones is currently employing to convert NFL fans into boxing fans?

Things Dak make you go hmmmmmm.


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Errol Spence and “Cowboys Glue” converting NFL fans into boxing fans

Have you ever heard of the term “Cowboys Glue” before? I’ve used it since 2016 when making sense of what connects Dallas Cowboys fans and who are total strangers off social media at live events. This glue is the very thing that sticks Cowboys fans together around the globe.

Leave it to Jerry Jones to exploit this angle with that same glue I just mentioned. Many Cowboys fans who were unaware of Spence’s NFL team will likely support him in the ring moving forward now as a result. I learned about him being a fan after his car wreck in 2018 that sidelined his career temporarily.

Over 3 years later he is now eyeing his fourth belt to unify as a result of the biggest fight boxing we could potentially see in a long time with Crawford on the horizon next.

It might be safe to say this venue will be held at AT&T Stadium too. This means that Mr. Jones has the potential to benefit from both local Cowboys fans and newfound boxing fans. Especially those who converted as a result of this win over Ugas like I just did.

In Conversion

Another big “Fish” in the Dallas Cowboys fan base Mike Fisher recently shared that Forbes reported Mr. Jones is not even in the top 10 of richest sports owners currently. As I mentioned earlier is this a marketing strategy to tap his own NFL fan base and convert them into Errol Spence fans?

I didn’t even watch the fight. I followed the reports on social media to stay informed. Now all things considered, as I share stories here on OAT about Cowboys fans Spence’s was quite fitting to share with you. Especially if you’re a nonboxing fan like myself. You can bet I will tune into Spence’s career now.


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Maybe since Mr. Jones is no longer at the top of the Forbes list we are seeing him maneuver his “Subjects” into watching hometown talent in another form of an athlete to fill seats in AT& T Stadium. That on the surface looks like a direct marketing strategy to convert NFL fans into boxing fans. If you ask me.

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