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Thousands of Las Vegas NFL fans are booked to take over the streets of “Sin City” during the last week of April. Many will be traveling there for the first time. If that’s you keep reading this. What can you expect as a rookie you might ask? Since the late 90’s pre-social media I have visited “Sin City” and experienced much of what it has to offer. Earlier this year however I shared with you two Cowboys Cousins Experiences to watch for. The ’22 NFL Draft is the first. Learn what the second is when you keep reading.

Boots On Ground is the definition of NFL fans who are flying into “Sin City” for this global digital experience. As a result, I wanted to share with you 10 things I learned during my travels to the entertainment capital of the world. This is the first draft for the NFL in Las Vegas. How time has flown when it comes to gambling and professional sports. Right?

Besides, I know there are tons of other things to do while here. These 10 are special to me and I hope they will provide you with an idea of what to expect. After all, take it from a veteran who has been Boots On Ground literally since ’16 with Dallas Cowboys fans here with OAT. In line with our value proposition of connecting Las Vegas NFL fans off social media, I have linked each of these 10 things with a social media account you can follow as a result. Enjoy!

The Bellagio Hotel

The water attraction in front of this hotel will feature the main stage where NFL players will walk upon their selections. I have stayed at many hotels in Vegas but the Bellaggio is not one. If you’re staying here during the draft, you, my friend know how to plan ahead. Congrats! Learn more about draft events.

NFL fans Las Vegas

Liquor Library

You have heard me say this before. As a Dallas Cowboys fan, you have to smoke a little something, or drink a little something to deal, right? As soon as you get off the plane you can buy bulk alcohol right outside your landing gate for your stay at Liquor Library. During my years in the Navy when I flew in this was a first must-stop. Get your bottles here before you really pay the price at the hotel!

NFL fans Las Vegas


Getting your medication for your stay is imperative for veterans like myself who now choose plants over pills. Especially my choice of substance to indulge in when dealing with the Dallas Cowboys each season. Since my first pandemic Vlog with Planet13 in June of ’20, shortly after Allegiant Stadium opened that July, every time I fly into “Sin City” I Uber by Planet13 to get a fluffy ZIP.

NFL fans Las Vegas

MGM Grand

This hotel for many years has been my all-time favorite. Due to its location on the strip, and its rich history with legendary music icon Tupac Shakur, boxing legend Mike Tyson, and of course our Cowboys Cousin Jamie Foxx all over BetMGM commercials. Location on the strip is a strategy you learn to develop over the years. Where should I stay based on price, and what I want to accomplish during my visit. Remember why I said “Strategy” for our 5th thing to do for Las Vegas NFL fans.

Las Vegas NFL fans

Caesars Palace

For Las Vegas NFL fans much like real estate, it’s all about location. Your strategy when visiting Sin City is critical. Planning your stay with a strategy can help you accomplish all your desires while in the entertainment capital of the world. Caesars is located in the heart of the strip. When you depart their doors you can literally walk to the Linq Promenade. In addition, the shopping, food, and overall ambiance at Caesars Palace are top-shelf. Not to mention their rooms. Just next door to the Bellagio. A perfect location for the NFL Draft.

Las Vegas NFL fans

Linq Promenade

The LINQ Promenade Las Vegas is an open-air dining, retail, and entertainment district, located directly across from Caesars Palace at the heart of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Opened March 31, 2014, The LINQ is anchored by the world’s tallest observation wheel, known as the High Roller. Soaring 55 stories over Las Vegas, the 550 foot tall High Roller Ferris wheel is adorned with 1,500 LED lights. With many specialty food places to choose from along with shopping, this walk through the Linq Promenade could be a breath of fresh air for you.

The High Roller

During one of my recent trips to Sin City, I was fortunate to have experienced The High Roller. I low-key have a fear of heights. Even during flights while Boots On Ground I still have challenges at times. The Strip’s High Roller observation wheel made the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest of its kind anywhere in the world per Las Vegas Weekly. Essentially the world’s largest Ferris wheel. I had a hard time figuring out how the pod would spin simultaneously along with the wheel. Nonetheless here is the result.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The most desired restaurant on the strip. With a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip and overlooking the Bellagio Fountains, Eiffel Tower Restaurant combines updated classic French cuisine and impeccable service in an elegant dining room perfect for any occasion. The bonus for me was the elevator ride to the top of the tower. As you can see above it appears I’m pointing down to the tower from The High Roller. On second thought maybe the fountains where the stage will be set for the ’22 NFL Draft!

Golden Steer Steakhouse

One thing about us Texas boys is that we can appreciate a great-tasting steak with a little gristle. Since 1958, The Golden Steer is Las Vegas’s most iconic & longest-running steakhouse. I mean this is where the STARS eat. When I pulled up in our Uber I was surprised to see the location of the front door. I had imagined this exquisite-looking restaurant. Instead, I felt like a player from the mob going out for a steak with the wife.  When you walk through the door, you are instantly transported back in time with red leather banquettes, intimate lighting, and old-west art. Five Star service and dining. The only thing that got whacked was that tomahawk!


If you’ve never had the opportunity to eat at Fat Burger in any of their global locations when you visit Las Vegas NFL fans you must go. Just a short walk from the MGM Grand take advantage of this opportunity. Although the official burger of the Dallas Cowboys is Whataburger currently, we could see Fat Burger team up with an NFL team soon too. For many fans who followed The Notorious BIG’s music, however, his Life After Death album featured the smash hit “Going Back To Cali.” Where he ultimately sums it up for us all in a slight reincarnation.

“If I wanna squirt her, take her to Fatburger.” ~The Notorious BIG (Fan Base Creator credit Edgar Hernandez) Cover Art for The 10 Crack Commandments ‘Til death do us part

The Final Approach 4 Las Vegas NFL fans

I wanted to create this listicle with all 32 NFL fan bases in mind. Since joining the US Navy in ’93 the West Coast has been my second home. From Tijuana Mexico to Vancouver Canada. I have been fortunate and blessed to visit Las Vegas over the years and this is not BG stunting because I can. All 10 of these destinations have left an impression upon me and I hope this helps you decide your strategy as we approach the NFL Draft in “Sin City.”

Have you experienced any of these during your trips to Vegas? If so which one was your favorite? If not, which one will you incorporate into your strategy? I also understand many NFL fans will never experience the entertainment capital of the world in person. Virtually however this led me to create this platform. Thanks to over 100 supporters on Facebook this exclusive group of 15%’ers will experience my first ever event with Built Different Group. Many supporters will actually not be on location physically. Thank you to the 28 Patrons who keep the lights on here at Official America’s Team dot com.

Wrapping It All Up

The second BDG event will be the home opener in Arlington at LOT 10 with my Hard Hittahz. Once the NFL schedule is released in May we will learn when we play at Sofi Stadium, on the West Coast, and who we open the house up to at Jerry’s World for the home opener. Make sure you subscribe to my blog here today for future information related to connecting NFL fans off social media at live events. Thanks for learning about 10 things that shaped my experiences in Las Vegas as an NFL fan today!

Each of these 10 things is linked to their Instagram handles. Be sure to visit and follow them all. In addition, if you’re a West Coast Dallas Cowboys fan I recently put together the Top 5 to follow for Boots On Ground 15%’ers who live this lifestyle as a Dallas Cowboys fan. After retiring from the Navy in ’16 the PNW is now home for the time being. Here are 10 things for Cowboys fans to do in Seattle on your next trip to the Evergreen State.

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