10 things Dallas Cowboys fans want to do while in Seattle

Dallas Cowboys fans destined to be “Sleepless in Seattle” this fall

When Dallas Cowboys fans of Seattle visit Century Link Field for their 2nd “Bird Gauntlet” team this NFL season I want you to leave sleepless. As a retired military resident of the PNW I’ve put this list together to help OAT fans get the most out of their experience during your next trip. Team no sleep. Especially if you want to do it all!

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Here are the 10 things Dallas Cowboys Fans will actually love to do in Seattle during your stay. 

1. Pioneer Square

What is it? Seattle’s oldest neighborhood (it’s where the first settlers built their homes), Pioneer Square boasts some incredible architecture, art galleries, cafés and bookstores.

Why go? It’s one of the best places for soaking up Seattle history. Check out the outstanding Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, a museum covering Seattle’s involvement in the 1890s mass migration to Canada’s Yukon region, then Smith Tower. Built in 1914, this was the tallest building on the West Coast for years, and the views from the 35th floor are still spectacular.

2. Space Needle

What is it? Originally constructed to be part of the 1962 World’s Fair, this Seattle landmark is arguably one of the most iconic. Not only does the attraction provide exceptional panoramic views of the Downtown neighbourhood, but also of the Puget Sound, the Cascades and Olympic Mountains.

Why go? A recent renovation added even more oomph to this Space Ace flying saucer–shaped landmark. Feeling brave?These upgrades included Skyrisers – tilting glass walls that provide the illusion of floating in open air and the Loupe – the world’s first revolving glass floor. If you get peckish, head to the cafe or raise a glass to your sky-high trip at the Atmos wine bar.

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3. Pike Place Market

What is it? A famous market and a must-see, no matter the length of your trip. Not only is it Seattle’s most visited landmark (impressive for a market, right?), but it’s also a great place for foodies to indulge in tasty grub. 

Why go? Sleuth out the rosy entrance to hidden local favorite the Pink Door, which serves ridiculously fresh Italian dishes. Other great options for sit-down lunch include Pike Place Chowder—serving some of the best clam chowder this side of Boston—and Lowell’s, where you can tick the Seattle Joe’s Scramble (sausage, spinach and mushrooms) off of your gastronomical bucket-list.

4. Beneath the streets tour

What is it? The Rainy City’s reputation may be exaggerated, but when the weather looks menacing, simply duck underground to roam forgotten subterranean passages with expert guides.

Why go? For a sub-sidewalk circuit of the city, book the Beneath the Streets tour. Setting off from Cherry Street, the one-hour walk snakes under Pioneer Square, past beautifully preserved 19th-century architecture and into the earliest roots of Seattle.

5. EMP Musuem

What is it? EMP is Seattle’s tribute museum to the history of Northwest music, from Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana, but it’s much more than that. In the Venn diagram of 20th-century creativity, this is where Isaac Asimov meets Kurt Cobain.

Why go? Celebrating pop culture and science fiction, the exhibition space is wrapped inside a fluid Frank Gehry design. Play in your own virtual rock band while learning about the region’s rich rock legacy or geek out in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

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6. Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing tour

What is it? The 90-minute Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour covers the past, present and future of human flight in a state-of-the-art museum and gives you entry to the Boeing factory.

Why go? You get to go behind the scenes at the facility where the famous Boeing aircrafts are made and tested. At a sprawling 98 acres, this is officially the largest building in the world (measured by volume)—and the place where Boeing developed the new Dreamliner.

7. Seattle Great Wheel

What is it? The Seattle Great Wheel, on Pier 57, is one of the largest of its kind anywhere in North America and gondolas are fully enclosed for rain-or-shine rides.

Why go? The views from Seattle’s 175-foot-high Ferris wheel more than compensate for its corniness. From the top you’ll enjoy a grand panorama of the city, the Pacific Ocean and—if you’re lucky—the Olympic Mountains.

8. Seattle Art Musuem

What is it? The Seattle Art Museum (SAM to its friends) is one of the city’s unmissable highlights.

Why go? The extensive permanent collections of Native American and Pacific Northwest artwork are worth the visit alone, but it’s the diverse, lively temporary exhibitions that keep locals and visitors returning time and again. If you can, try to time your visit to include the first Thursday of the month, when entry is free, and leave time to check out the nearby outdoor art at Olympic Sculpture Park.

Happy Birthday #RobertColescott. The California born artist and veteran has been #FiguringHistory since 1925! He grew up in the Great Depression and, despite his passion for art, initially studied international relations, political science, and economics after serving in World War II. After he was told there was no future for him in those fields, he got his bachelors and masters in fine art at the University of California, Berkeley before moving to Seattle. After studying in France with artist Fernand Léger in Paris and teaching in Egypt at the American Research Center in Cairo, Colescott became the first Black painter to have a solo exhibit at the Venice Biennale! Join us in celebrating 93 years of the late artist’s work and accomplishments. _ #acrylicpainting #art #blackartist #seattleart #seattleartmuseum [🎨Night and Day, You Are The One, 1969, Robert Colescott, Acrylic on canvas, 77 3/16 x 58 15/16 in. Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters Award in Memory of Eustace P. Ziegler and Northwest Annual Purchase Fund, 70.123 ©️Robert Colescott/ARS]

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9. Tom Douglas Restaurants

What is it? Self-taught chef Tom Douglas remains MVP when it comes to Seattle’s restaurant scene, since he owns no fewer than 19 eateries.

Why go? Whether you opt for tender pasta at high-end Trattoria Cuoco, triple coconut cream pie at Dahlia Loungeor thin-crust wood-fired pizzas at Serious Pie, you’ll taste some seriously good grub. But our money is still on the buzzing Brave Horse Tavern, which serves outstanding craft beer and simple yet expertly executed dishes.

10. Wing Luke Musuem

What is itLocated on South King Street in the Chinatown-International District, the Wing Luke Museum is dedicated to exploring the culture, art and history of Asian Pacific Americans.

Why go? The museum is particularly strong on folk art and oral history, but also curates a number of fascinating neighborhood walking tours. Of course, there’s plenty of love for Seattle’s most famous Asian Pacific son, the mighty Bruce Lee, in an exhibition that includes some of his poems and personal possessions.

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In conclusion

Residing here the last 5 years I have come to appreciate what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. It’s not Texas by no stretch, but overall this region is a best overall kept secret. Many are dubbing it the ‘Silicon Valley 2.0″ as all the tech types move up the coast from San Francisco.

With it’s diverse population and strong military presence throughout it’s region it offers fans a tremendous opportunity to explore the PNW for all it’s value. Be sure to subscribe today and be on the look out for the “Cannabis Cowboys” article in coming weeks.

I hope you find some value in these destinations during your trip. Our mission here at OAT is to educate and inform our readers from a fan network perspective. Connecting Dallas Cowboys fans of Seattle through social media globally during your stay.

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