WATCH: Hard Hittahz Anthem has interesting ultimate surprise

During my trip to San Francisco I was fortunate to meet Phat Boy. A rising member and influencer among the Hard Hittahz movement currently sweeping our fan base. So much so, he helped craft their Hard Hittahz Anthem through this Bakersfield, CA local artist named Macumba.

Then he surprised both Hard Hittahz founders Coach and Duke at an event. Elevating his chapter to new heights among the movement. Before you watch it for the first time below, let’s peel this onion back a little further. Prepare for your eyes to burn.

West Coast, Phat Boy, and I at the preseason opener at Levi’s Stadium.

Literally Cowboys fans. There is 1 secret about this whole project you wont believe I will share with you. The story setting is in Magoos in Bakersfield, CA. Where Cowboys fans meetup to watch games.

Phat Boy invites Macumba to join his Hittahz at Magoos for a watch party. Only after he learns Macumba is an aspiring artist, and has a chain hustle about him that catches his eye 2 years earlier. A hustle that could not only benefit the Kern County Hard Hittahz chapter, but the Hard Hittahz Hittahz movement in general.

Going right in line with our mission here at OAT. Building a network of fans 1 relationship at a time. All through social media.

OAT and the Hard Hittahz linked up for the home opener in 2018 at the Mothership in Arlington

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Hard Hittahz Anthem back story on how they made it happen

When Phat Boy initially explained to me the song, it’s meaning, and then who actually produced it I became very concerned. What he had shared with me blew my mind. Only because I did not know all the details prior to the song being published. So I told Phat Boy to get back in touch with me before the video drops in September.

While Phat Boy shared with me in that Macumba was actually a Minnesota Vikings fan. My jaw dropped. are you kidding me? Singing your 2018 Anthem?

Everything else that came out of his mouth after that sounded like Charlie Brown. All I could think of was how did this happen? We are giving the haters ammunition here.

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Macumba shared that Phat Boy knew he created music, and approached him with the idea of the anthem. In return Macumba asked him why the hell would I do this? “I’m a Vikings fan.”  Phat Boy replied with; “Do the Vikings pay you to represent them?”

The light bulb went off for Macumba. Answering, “No they don’t.” At that point, Phat Boy allowed him to pitch an offer to produce the banger. The rest was history.

This was my biggest concern to protect their brand. We know how them haters get about America*s Team. Macumba has attended many events with the Hittahz since they met, and he had this to say about the Hard Hittahz.

“The Hittahz movement is real. Even as a Vikings fan they showed me love at their events. The unity exhibited by it’s members is really awesome. What I noticed most was how they move as a unit collectively, and represent the Dallas Cowboys. I know the Vikings fan base has nothing even close to this.”

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Watch the 2018 Hard Hittahz Anthem

Could we see other NFL teams becoming Hittahz in the future? Stay tuned. When we know, so will you.  From there it was history. Over the course of a year the two worked together on the project. Eventually giving OAT the tremendous honor of announcing its release!

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Moral of this story? First rule of business, know your worth. Secondly, never let a thing prevent or stop you from your true passion. Always seek to share your talent wiith new audiences. You never know what opportunity may come as a result.

Enjoy the Hard Hittahz Anthem below!

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