Why we absolutely love to hate Jerry Jones

Dear Jerry Jones,

Cowboys fans absolutely love to hate you, and we want you to know you’re on the clock. As we read comments across social media this week, it appears we are nearing a tipping point. How can you continually put this type of product on the field and expect us to keep spending our hard-earned money with you Jerry Jones?

Let’s start with the Elephant in the room as we listen to the OG Shango, shall we? This debacle we absolutely hate you for. It’s absolutely killing us right now as a result.

Thank you Shango for getting that off your chest for us. Do you still have love for Jerrah? We know Jason Garret watched this, then clapped for Shango.

What kind of product can we expect to see for our home opener against the Giants? One thing is for sure however. Depending on that product you place on the field will determine if fans like myself second guess how we spend our money with you the remaining of this season. Specifically attending games.

As die-hard fans we implore you to take action to fix this now!

Then you go and do this publicly Jerry Jones

As we awoke this morning we saw this image surface on social media. You, hanging out with your old chum Dez Bryant during the Beyonce concert. What’s this all about? Fans are now more confused more than ever.

We all know what happens when the ex starts coming back around.

We know how masterful of a business man you are. How proud we are that our team is the most lucrative sports franchise in the world. This we love you for actually. Or do we? You do remember your fans built your stadium and Star facility right? What have you done for your fans lately on the field with your team?

As I pack my luggage to travel this weekend toΒ  Dallas, I can assure you other fans are thinking the same. Matter of fact, West Coast and I spoke at length about this among a myriad of other fan base concerns yesterday.

Why should we continue to spend all this money on traveling each year for a team that is an embarrassment currently, and the last 20 plus years? Loyalty is why. To a fault. Now don’t get me wrong. Running a Facebook group with over 12k fans has allowed us to get an actual real pulse on the fan base through social media. This is a collective feeling among fans currently. (see videos below)

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Time is running out for your fans Jerry Jones

What’s the #1 reason why we hate Jerry Jones? Depending on who you talk to answers could vary. Time is of the essence however. One thing I learned in the Navy after 23 years is that everything is based on leadership. Leadership is why we hate you. Starting with yourself. Stay out of the NFL business, and tend to your own!

In the business department we are winning! In the team accomplishment column we suck. I will give credit to you backing off and allowing Stephen and Will McClay the ability to draft more effectively. This we love you for. Your hand is still in the cookie jar however.

What we cannot stand is you constantly in the media for the wrong reasons, and this adds extra pressure to not only our team, but your fans! Hey Jerry, you do know we been holding you down for years despite the elephant in the room right? Loyalty to a fault.

How long do you think it will be before fans actually start to cut back their spending? I for one am using the home opener this season to measure your progress, or lack there of. This will ultimately determine if I sacrifice time away from my family to watch this mediocre product on the field each Sunday in person.

Who wants to pay your prices to catch an L?

Time is running out. Your leadership is failing you, and your fans Mr Jones. Take action now! Unless the below quote of yours is just some internet meme we been sharing since you built The Star in Frisco. Let’s put some action behind this immediately!

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Are the Dallas Cowboys executive leadership exhausting every possible effort to bring the winning dynasty ways back to Dallas?

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What will you do moving forward Jerry Jones?

Are you in your feelings too Cowboys fans? Most certainly you are. We are the most loyal fan base in the NFL. We expect greatness each week.Β  Like Jerry, we are almost loyal to a fault. No, we are. Unless you put a product on the field this weekend that gives fans hope, expect the media to burn you alive otherwise. That’ I’m afraid could be the unraveling to the end. I can hear Stephen A. Smith big mouth now.

That may be the least of your problems however. One thing is for sure. The pulse of our fan base is at a tipping point. which means, expect the unexpected. We are sick of losing! The Romo and Dak divide is nearing an end thankfully. The possibility of the Dak era can end as well if not fixed immediately. That’s on you and your leadership.

Why effective leadership is the key, not clapping. other teams have done more with far less

Leadership is not likership Mr. Jones. We know you want to win, it’s evident. We know you can’t purposefully sabotage our team willingly, or can you? Yes you can. By having a yes man in the coaches seat who is powerless and thinks clapping is effective.

That Dez Bryant debacle though. We have some awesome talent. Talent alone cant do it all however.

God forbid if the Patriots sign him, and he gets a ring with them. Our fan base will be outta control!

The definition of insanity is similar to doing a thing over and over again expecting a different result. Is that the case here Mr. Jones? Or will you make the hard decision when need be? Exactly how Shango presented it. Give us a new reason to love you. It’s much easier to do than hate. Healthier also.

The whole fan base, and world is watching for that matter. How and when you execute that decision will measure how many fans may, or may not continue to “Stay Loyal” to a fault. By mid-season Cowboys fans could begin to “Not sell out” the mothership as a result. Expect the unexpected.

You’ve mastered the business model. Now let’s go master this challenge on the field with your players and bring that 6th ring back to Dallas! These are the reasons why we love to hate you Jerry Jones. If you truly cared about your fan base you should be taking corrective and effective action yesterday!


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Updated September 24, 2018

Even Mark Holmes is feeling the same way, and agrees that change must happen!

Updated as oif September 26th, 2018





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