Mark Holmes; How Dak Prescott is actually in a “No Win” situation

Mark Holmes moves very quickly for Cowboys fans. Especially when it’s a “No Win” situation for Dak Prescott. Yesterday I called myself trying to help the helper. I screenshot the below Dak pic from Mike Leslie, and sent to Mark. Little did I know he already had a video up covering the story. Impressive.

I caught up with Mark this week and he shared his story on Cowboy Jobu. In addtion¬†how a suspect Earl Thomas video prediction by him boosted his subscribers as a result. Not by design however. It just happened. Despite the allure of it appearing as click bait behavior to most die hards like myself. Mark insist’s his source had credibility. But then this Dak Prescott moment happened along the way hijacking our “No Win” conversation.

“I went off the information given to me. I believe it was quite possible they were talking at that time, and would have offered Orlando Scandrick. Seattle wanted much more than that so it didn’t work out. Is it really a stretch to believe that they weren’t talking at that time? Especially knowing now what we know that they have been talking before the draft and during the draft and had made other offers? I stand behind what I do. And if I make a mistake I own up to it and I’ll leave it up because I let others make their own decisions. Even in that video I say this is what I was told.” ~ Mark Holmes

Mark and I have been friends on Facebook a little over 2 years. Initially I was like; Who has the time to market this Cowboys Jobu doll with a straight face? I actually ran into him last season while in Frisco at The Star during the Eagles game last November to ask him personally.

A laid back old head Cowboys fan that manages to stay ahead of trends while brining you Cowboys breaking news. I jus had to get the Jobu back story for all of you here to share with you.

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The current energy of Cowboys fans towards Dak Prescott and his latest Anthem protest remarks

Switching gears just yesterday a photo emerged from Mike Leslie on his Facebook fan page. A news personality I follow for Cowboys specific news out of WFAA. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then again anything is starting to go with America*s Team.

In addition I want to tie Mark’s back story in with his current endeavor of breaking news on YouTube for Dallas Cowboys fans. Especially his big military following that rely on him deployed around the globe.

Here is the Dak Prescott mural in Dallas on Fabrication St. Mike even states he drove by to snap this pic for receipts. Is this a current emotion running through our fan base? Absolutely. However I’m not here to discuss this aspect of the story. I will let Mark share his with you on his trending video.

Here is the pic from Mike Leslie I initially seen and sent to Mark via text.

How Mark Holmes and Cowboy Jobu are connected

For many fans like you and I, we’ve known Mark through Cowboy Jobu initially. Over the course of 2 years his sports report is cranking out massive reports on his YouTube channel. Keeping Cowboys fans abreast breaking news. Mark shared this on how the Jobu idea came to mind.

“It’s like the movie character in Major League. An Eagle fan said that the Cowboys suck so bad that not even Jobu could help them.” Mark Holmes

Dak Prescott, Mark Holmes, Cowboy Jobu, No Win, Comcast Cowboy
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I found this hilarious. For many of you who have not seen this move, once you do it will make complete sense. For those¬†of us who have it’s the sad truth¬†for the most part over the last 2 decades. One thing about those¬†tables though, they always turn.

Mark shared once he inserted Jobu into the picture it took on a life of its own. Jobu became a celebrity and wound up in the hands and pictures of many celebrities along the way. So much so that fans were anticipating his next sighting with Mark.

Here are some images of his travels and the hands he has landed within.

Jobu Reports new sports desk

A post shared by Mark Holmes (@cowboyjobu) on

Don’t hate what we do. #Superbowl52 @vikingscheerleaders

A post shared by Mark Holmes (@cowboyjobu) on

The original quarterback security blanket Jay Novacek

A post shared by Mark Holmes (@cowboyjobu) on

The playmaker with jobu

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And lastly more proof is in the pudding as fans recognize Cowboy Jobu on the scene!

Jobu being shown the love at CSA show. Thank you

A post shared by Mark Holmes (@cowboyjobu) on

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Now to the Dak Prescott “No Win” situation straight from Mark Holmes

During Mark’s trip to California to visit the Cowboys at training camp he films a video on scene about the breaking news with this mural that has set our fan base on fire. Shortly after his channel was suspended by YouTube. Since then he has been given access back to his channel only to be suspended again for spamming according to Mark.

Since his video will not show below now, we have embedded a short video on the Breakfast Club when he called in.

Here is the artist who painted the mural. Confirmed by myself on Instagram (Updated as of 5/10/19)

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In conclusion

I’ve found myself saying lately that I am boycotting all major media when it comes to our Dallas Cowboys. The talent that resides in our fan base more than supplies my need for transparency and narrative free content. Especially when it comes from our own fan base with Mark Homes.

Right in line with our mission at OAT that our very own member Angelica Hernandez helped me shape up from our OAT Facebook group.

“OAT is committed to creating a family of loyal, informed, and True Blue Dallas Cowboys fans globally through social media.” ~Barry Gipson, OAT Founder July 2016

Be sure to follow Cowboys Jobu on his Instagram and YouTube channel for more great Dak Prescott content as this story appears to be a season long one. On the other hand Mark provides great timely breaking news around America*s Team and is an all around great guy on a mission to help inform our fan base one video at a time!

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Updated as of August 7th, 2018. Comcast Cowboy weighs in on this story from our IGTV Channel @officialamericasteam


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