Star Status certified “Round Up” set for week 2 against Giants

Star Status Cowboys Connection has a weekend long schedule of events for their 4th annual “Round Up” against the Giants Week 2. One weekend each season designated to recognizing fan clubs along with the Hard Hittahz movement, and the SCDCFC. Along with other key contributors within this Cowboys sub-culture like the Borracho Tailgaters who are rapidly growing. A time to unite, network, and celebrate America*s Team.

A little over a year ago we featured Star Status President Kevin Harris, and his club history on how it all started. Star Status is one of the fastest growing fan clubs in the nation. In addition they recently launched their Dallas chapter this year. Stay tuned as we will feature them also here at OAT.

His club now reaches multiple states with members from around the nation. Their 4th annual “Round Up” is expected to be bigger and better than ever as we kick off our home opener against the Giants week 2.

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Star Status President Kevin Harris checks in with OAT

During my phone conversation with Cowboy Kev he reflected on passed round ups. In addition he also states every Cowboys fan should do this.

“We have a jam-packed weekend planned for our members. In fact all Cowboys fans are welcome to enjoy this experience. We feel like every Cowboys fan should absolutely visit AT&T Statdium for a game and experience. Especially Star Status Cowboys Connections members.”

In addition Cowboy Kev brought up that there will be actual awards given to the deepest fan club there, and also the furthest traveled club to their “Round Up.” This form of recognition is good for morale and building camaraderie. Will your club grab one of these awards? See you there to find out!

Here are the 4 fliers below with all the details on how to attend their events. I will definitely be in attendance to report on the whole experience for OAT. So if you can’t make it be sure to subscribe to my blog today. Ensuring you will not miss any stories from our fan base!

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Star Status, OAT, Round Up, Giants

OAT, Star Status, Giants, Round Up

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