Why you absolutely need to join a Cowboys fan club this season

How to clock in as a #3 type of Cowboys fan club member

Now what Dallas Cowboys fans? The 2018 draft is officially over. The long summer we head into brings the fall, and the beginning of training camp. What we will do for the time being? No worries we have you covered here at OAT. Join a Cowboys fan club!

Cowboys fans know that representing your team is a year round lifestyle. However, there is a “DC Fan Club Movement” currently taking place to unite fans locally, and become recognized nationally. A movement to carry us through this summer before the season starts.

Our site recently announced the first ever Cowboys Club Directory. A directory for all fans to reference, and network with for the upcoming 2017 season. As clubs are submitting their information to us, there was one particular club that stood out. One I have followed since the 2016 season.

I had the luxury of connecting with the President representing the east coast DMV area. One that currently boast’s over 500 members, and is leading the way as a mentoring opportunity for many other up and coming club’s throughout the nation.

Feeling inspired by the movement I wanted to share with you a few key points on how to start one, and why as a fan you absolutely need to join one this summer. This will be one of many stories on the various clubs around the nation we highlight.

Become a member of your local DC Fan Club, and start getting active this summer!

Becoming apart of something bigger than ourselves is about legacy

OAT, Fan, Club, Join, Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith, Karemah Buchanan
Karemah pictured here with the GOAT Emmitt Smith. As her club travels to games her members have the luxury of meeting former and active players of the Cowboys.

Karemah Buchanan is the President of the DMV Cowboys Fan Club. Last year when we formed “The Legacy Group” we quickly added many members over a short period of time.

As we began making connections through our group it was easily noticeable who was taking their fan status to the next level.

Karemah says she was the youngest child to 7 brothers growing up. Many of which were Dallas Cowboy fans. When she would ask to change the channel on Sunday’s she was met with a stern “No, The Cowboys are playing.” It was history from there.

She shared the first time she watched Emmitt run the ball, she fell in love with the sport, and Cowboys. Learning as much as she could about here team was her new mission.

Then one day she said to a close friend that she “Wanted to start her own fan club.”

That she did, and so much more. It’s very fortunate that she shared all of this Cowboys fan club insight. She genuinely and truly wants to give back to our fan base, and this is a fine example.

She attributes much of her club’s success to it’s mastermind. In addition, the blessing of her club and movement by the most polarizing Dallas Cowboys fan of all time. Ms. Carolyn Mopping Price.  Today as I write this Ms Price is actually at a book signing promoting her book Priceless Dream: The Story of the Dallas Cowboys 1 Fan.  Be sure to click the link to get your copy today. All real Die Hard Cowboys fans show your support.

OAT, Fan, Club, Join, MS Price, Karemah Buchanan
Karemah and Ms Price pictured together supporting America*s Team.

How to get started on your local fan club today

During the course of our phone conversation I asked her to share the steps she executed to start her club. This way any fans out there who are motivated or inspired like I was by this can start your own club’s this summer.

“First and foremost you need to create a following. Then get your meetings going to find those who are willing to support the vision of the club with you.”

Form there she said to get creative. Start participating in team building activities like watch parties, outside activities, and community service. She is very proud of her club’s service to the local DMV communities.

“Find those dedicated to push the club movement with you. Those who will dedicate the time and effort to make the club a great experience with its members.”

From there she said you can create your membership packages. To include welcome letters, swag, and even membership cards exclusive to your club.

Create a logo with your name, but be sure to not infringe upon the Dallas Cowboys trademark and intellectual property. Like not using both words “Dallas Cowboys” in your club name. Our goal is to get ultimate clarification from the Cowboys staff eventually here at OAT in the future.

There is much to consider from an administrative side of this venture. We will cover more on that in a later article.

There are many benefits to join. The most prestigious benefit is the discounted travel packages to games for the upcoming season. Meeting other Die Hard fans, and networking while supporting America*s Team is fulfilling within itself.  Start looking for your home today!

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In conclusion

Karemah lastly shared that she has “Bigger and Better” events planned for her club this season. To include events during the summer heading into training camp. Check out her club’s website for more details today. In addition the 2019 Takeover in New Orleans with all national clubs.

If you want to elevate your fan status we encourage you to join one of the many clubs around the nation. Even Mexico, and the United Kingdom have their own clubs! We will cover those in the future also.

Be sure and stay tuned as we publish our site club directory for you to see if a club is near you. If not consider reaching out to other clubs to start your own. Let’s unite our fan base. Together we can do more collectively!

DMV Cowboys Club
DMV Cowboys Fan Club 


Get your copy of Ms Price’s book on Amazon today! 

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Are you, or someone you know in a DC Fan Club?

Please share your thoughts with a comment below on that experience with all of us here at The Legacy Group.

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