Hard Hittahz certified takeover a hit among these members

During my trip to NFL Draft this April I met up with Secretary of States for the Hard Hittahz movement Cali T. Prior to, she invited me through OAT to their tailgate to experience the movement. The Hard Hittahz movement with members at their AT&T Stadium tailgate specifically. Let me be the first to tell you. That this movement is REAL hit!

Hard Hittahz, OAT, hit,

Getting the chance to meet members of their movement like rising musical artisit Star Boy, and California State Main Johnny Sanchez further solidifes that. Die Hard fans who actually jump overboard would be the best way to describe their passion for America*s Team.

Fast forward to the present and their movement traveled over 7 states to assemble their first annual Hard Hittahz Takeover in Laughlin , NV. The idea stemmed from Cali T months back that fnally came to fruition this summer. I reached out to her after their event for some feedback to share with OAT. She wanted to also mention, and especially thank Cali Event Coordinator “Lita” for helping her through it all.

I follow a majority of their IG pages and seen all the fun they had over a 3 day period!

Want to learn more about the Hard Hittahz Movement? Follow their Instagram for a peek inside yourself.

It was all a Hard Hittahz dream, then it hit

Almost 6 months ago Cali T shared the takeover dream/idea with founders Coach, and Sir Duke. Once their leadership bought into the idea she along with “Lita”began planning and organizing the event. Reaching out to hotels in Laughlin to make reservations and begin communicating with their members around the globe. In its first year it was open to a small sample size of their movement. Still a hit for those members however!

You read that right.  Since my last report on the Hard Hittahz they have expanded overseas. The Hard Hittahz movement is real Cowboys Nation. Lastly, theYoung HITTAHZ (kids) had a bbq & swimming along the river event @ Davis Camp on the Colorado River at Saturday’s ALL DAY event. Making this takeover totally family orientated!

Hard Hittahz, OAT

I was thankful to recieve an invite to this hard Hittahz event from Cali T, but due to time constraints was unable to attend. That wont stop OAT from getting the story to share with you however. Always in line with our mission. Connecting fans globally through social media. Lastly, I told her we shall all cross paths soon enough this season. Like the “Round Up!”

Hard Hittahz & Ladies hard Hittahz enjoyed Fridays Meet & Greet at the Edgewater Hotel & Casino’s, Edge Lounge, with drinks and dancing various members below with 1 of 2 HH Founders, Coach. (Gray tank top with hat in middle)

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Hard Hittahz in conclusion

Before closing thank you Cali T for providing the following information to ensure all those attended. We are excited at OAT to continue telling the Hard Hittahz movement’s story for all of Cowboys Nation to become familiar with around the world! So be sure to subscribe to our blog today for immediate email updates. Finally if you, or someone you know has an awesome story to share send us an email, thank you!


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The following states were represented at the 1st Annual Hard Hittahz Takeover in Laughlin, NV.

HH/LHH/YH, Cali HITTAHZ, OC HITTAHZ, The Desert HITTAHZ, Las Vegas HITTAHZ , Texas HITTAHZ , Arizona HITTAHZ, and the New Mexico HITTAHZ.

Interested in becoming a Hard Hittah yourself? Follow their instagram below, and see their lifestyle for yourself. This pic was taken recently at the 1st annual Blue Star Dynasty event where Hard Hittahz came deep!

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“The Movement was created with the idea and vision of Unity & Diversity in mind. We come together with the belief that when it comes to DALLAS COWBOYS Football Fans, we are the SAME! When you become a HARDHITTAHZ member, you become family!” ~Cali T



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