When you use Ezekiel Elliott for “Star Telegram” click bait

DFW reporter leaves out best part of NFFC event, Ezekiel Elliott

Let’s just say Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star Telegram will not get any interviews with Ezekiel Elliott anytime soon.

His recent article  on a very small sample size of fans at this weekend’s Go NFFC with Elliott is apparently coming off as “Click bait.” Clearly he states this is how he makes his living. Clearly visible how dry his Twitter timeline actually is.

We understand there are 3 sides to every story here at OAT, but a local reporter taking this angle appears skiddish at best.

Especially when you decide to Tweet about Ezekiel Elliott, and his fans, along with “West Coast” from Dallas Cowboys Scouting. So instead of “getting in the mud” to play with Stefan Stevenson lets ask a few questions on why the focus was primarily negative reporting on one of THE most popular NFL Stars in the league.

The real scoop on how it went down

After reading his article, I personally sent a text to 2 others I knew who were there at this event. One of which was West Coast. His feedback was that he was actually approached by the Star Telegram, (Stefan Stevenson) and they gathered footage from an interview with him that somehow missed the cut on this article.

According to West Coast, fans, event staff, and media like Stefan Stevenson were challenged at best with getting exclusive content. The very reason the Fort Worth Star Telegram took notice, and approached West Coast.

So where is that content on Ezekiel Elliott, Stefan?

See “West Coast” Facebook “Live” video below for heated email exchange between them both.

In the last 48 hours he Tweeted this;

So what are you really trying to say here?

There was nothing “smooth” about the entire event so you went with a negative narrative click bait title, and article of a small sample size of targeted fans feedback there? Maybe it’s not safe to say his followers desire to hear good news. After scrolling his timeline on Twitter, this type of approach and communication is the norm for Stefan Stevenson.

I will give him an ounce of credit however, he concludes his article with a smidget of positivity;

“Mike Green, of Fort Worth, said he spent about $95 attending the convention, but said it was absolutely worth it.”

In conclusion

Im sure Ezekiel Elliott is not bothered by this one bit. Those of you we have reached out to for your feedback raved of the event. Fans like, Stacheman, Jojos Replay, and even the Fantasy Football Counselor. The Counselor and I spoke about the vision of Andy Alberth  in detail with the NFFC.

“Andy Alberth has the vision, and will use both events now to deliver an even better event in it’s third year next summer. Sure, we can always improve upon things like the flow of the event for both fans and players to maximize it’s overall experience.” ~FF Counselor

Here is his “Hot off the Press” video of the event from a fantasy football perspective. He does touch on the Ezekiel Elliott narrative, and gives major props to Rico Gathers on fans just prior to the 12:30 mark to skip ahead.

Reflecting upon last years event myself, and after reading, watching the reviews of this years one thing is for sure. If only a few fans are “annoyed” among the thousands that attended he’s winning. Andy and his vision are well on their way to bigger and better things in Texas in 2019.

I must admit in the irony of all this however. This article was published to inform our readers, and also for clicks. My strategy, in his case however would have been to target about 50 or so fans and share that feedback versus this negative one sided story on such a small sample size.

If I were you Stefan Stevenson, take up a new career that does not slander Cowboys players.

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Here is West Coast” of Dallas Cowboys Scouting going live via his page elaborating on his exclusive email exchange with him.


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