When it makes Scentsy to flip bricks for your favorite NFL team

How to flip NFL Scentsy Bricks

I always envied a Dallas Cowboys marriage. Y’all can just Kiss My Grits.” This story made two much Scentsy to pass up in the name of NFL warmers this season. She used to cheer for the Forty Niners in LA, then she met one of Dem Boys, and she been been flipping Scentsy bricks ever since!

A few months back I shared with you how 2 Navy veterans finessed the VA loan down in Houston together. Well, James’ wife Mari is originally from East Los Angeles, CA too. After serving 4 years in the Marines they met and started a family together. She officially converted NFL teams however in 1998 from the Niners to the Cowboys as a result.

This married mother of 3 in Houston reached out to me to share that Scentsy has released it’s officially NFL liscensed warmers for pre-sale this upcoming season. Their idea of a catchy name for her official Scentsy site led to “Kiss My Bricks.”

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Knock Knock anyone there?

In addition, for those who may be looking to invest that stimulus check into a new hustle, she is seeking talent to add to her distributor team with a home base business opportunity. Especially right now that it’s booming under current stay at home pandemic circumstances.

What’s unique about their marriage is the fact they both served in the military, are Cowboys fans, and run very successfull businesses between them both. Over the last few years I have seen them both touring the globe thanks to Mari’s Scentsy organization.

Little did I know that back in November of 2017 all 3 of us were in the Stadium together. Unfortunately the Eagles beat us down that game. During our conversation they shared they love being Cowboys fans in Houston too. While writing this I took inventory. OAT is deep with connections in Houston.


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Scentsy Business Boomin Bricks

Mari shared that since the pandemic has arrived that business is actually boomin. They both informed me of the new Cowboys warmers that came out, and wanted to share it in OAT. Her realationship with Scentsy started back in 2010, and her team is flourishing in the Lone Star State currently.

From now until May 26th you can pre-order your officially liscensed NFL Dallas Cowboys Scensty brick warmer. Which currently is the top seller! It’s time to upgrade that mancave, she-shed, and replace your warmers scattered around the house with Dem Boys today!

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Pre-Sale Order Yours from now until May 26, 2020. Click image to shop now!

Both Jimmy and Mari are both from East LA. Jimmy is retired Navy. We both crossed paths, and even servedĀ  together under the same command spanning back to 2001. Even though she rooted for the Niners initially they are now both unified under the Star now. Their marriage is a shining example of a beatiful and prosperous family.

We understand many members in OAT may be affiliated with Scentsy, but Mari is now the appointed OAT Scentsy plug for our group. If you have considered the Scentsy business opportunity before, please contact her directly. I think it would be cool to see some OAT members take a Scentsy winners trip together next go round!

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In conclusion

I understand that not all Cowboys marriages are perfect, but which one actually is? Althought Mari may have converted out of love for Jimmy, we know he’s the one actually kissing her bricks. Even a house divided between 2 NFL teams would have to admit two is always better than one.

Our network is growing and growing in 2020. Between this marriage we now have a realtor, and a Scentsy KingPin within our ranks. Both which served this country honorably, and are continuing to serve others locally and globally within their business communities.

Please contact Mari directly with your questions today. If you enjoyed reading this story, and are especially a business owner please learn how we can promote your business and or brand today. With our audience of over 17k die hard Dallas Cowboys fans we can get your business in front of real football fans fast.

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