Why you need to know who Pencil Man actually is

Who exactly is Clarence Pointer AKA the “Pencil Man?”

Dallas Cowboys fans around the world absolutely express their love for our team differently. This week we highlight a Legacy Group member who is a “Master” at sharing his love through the art of drawing. Meet Clarence, the “Pencil Man.”

How fortunate we were to learn of Clarence and his story by a recent post via his Facebook Fan page. One that included an original masterpiece of his featuring the Hall of Fame,and Ring of Honor recipient Tony Dorsett.

Check out “Mr. Pencil Man” himself at work. Watch this recently posted video of him working on this soon to be autographed Tony Dorsett authentic masterpiece.

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Meet Clarence Pointer AKA the “Pencil Man”

Clarence Pointer and I immediately hit it off as he was a an Air Force Veteran of 10 years. We exchanged many stories of our experiences shared as service members to this great nation.

Gradually moving to the topic of the Dallas Cowboys he shared many stories of his artwork in relation to the America’s Team. Sharing one of his fondest memories as a Cowboys fan was when Tony Dorsett ran for a 99 yard touchdown.

Over the last 9 years Clarence has been a full time artist where he has presented many projects to celebrities and sports figures around the world. Including former President of the United States Barack Obama.

Be sure to visit his site Clarence Pointer for his entire portfolio. Clarence is truly a dinosaur within the digital age, but clearly his work is respected and sought out around the world.

Be sure to connect with him via his social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.

Here is his finished product of Tony Dorsett recently posted on his site.

TD HOF Pencil

In conclusion

The Legacy Group spans the globe. Within it we have many members who contribute their art, and passion for our team. It is truly special to have personally spoken with Clarence and learning about his story.

That’s exactly why this site uses our platform to bring you the stories about the greatest fan base in the world and those fans within it stories. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive more great content like this in the future directly into your inbox!

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