How to join first ever Cowboys Takeover Atlanta this year

This summer there are a select few Cowboys Fan Club leaders planning an all out assault on the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta this upcoming November 12, 2017. Dubbing this monumental game the “Cowboys Takeover.”

The Cowboys will visit Atlanta 1 week before our Annual OAT Meet & Greet in Dallas against the Eagles.

One particular fan club will be the headquarters for the entire experience and hosting The Ultimate Tailgate Party. Tony Thomas, President of Dallas Cowboys Block Party ATL will serve as the host of this prestigious event.

One of the many Fan Clubs currently listed in our Cowboys Club Directory. Many other clubs from across the nation are also planning to attend.

Cowboys fans are planning to show up, and show out for this blockbuster event.

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What to expect during the Cowboys Takeover from the horse’s mouth

Tony and his club are a fairly young club with less than 2 years experience under their belt. This is exactly the challenge they’re up for to prove their ability to host on a national scale.

It was literally last season the opportunity appeared to unfold as both Dallas and Atlanta lead their conferences. Tony knew based on scheduling and how teams rotate from year to year on schedule that both teams could face multiple times over the next few years.

“My team came to me and said let’s do this. I knew then we were ready to take on this challenge and start planning it all out. We have many details to gradually announce as the date draws near. So look forward to an event of a lifetime.”

Back in January Business Insider released a short video showcasing the new stadium and all it’s features.

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Why every Cowboys fan needs to come to this event in Atlanta

Over the last year the Cowboys fan base has quickly built the ultimate fan club network. Much like the OAT mission connecting fans through stories nobody is currently telling about them.

When I asked Tony what would make this game different from all others, and why Cowboys fans should he attend he had this to say.

“This event will be the ultimate Cowboys event of the season. With all the other clubs throughout the nation planning to attend we are truly aiming to Takeover Atlanta as a fan base. Making it an experience of a lifetime. A great opportunity for fans across the nation to network and enjoy this overall experience.”

In Conclusion

As the summer winds down and training camps begin Tony and his team will be behind the scenes connecting the dots for this event. He shared with me there is some big news that will be released as the date approaches. Including a guest appearance by Thee YL, the Official Cowboys Nation MC.

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Until then stay tuned for more details on this event, and visit our site often this summer for new fan club stories like these.

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