What every NFL fan should know about Nard Got Sole

Who is Nard Got Sole and why you should know?

If you’re a entrepreneur type of Cowboys fan in OAT you already know who Nard Got Sole likely is.

Over the last year I have shared his custom Cowboys shoe designs on our Instagram, and Facebook fan pages. Many of which may you have actually purchased from him as a result. Not to mention hundreds of other NFL fans like the Texans where he locally resides in Houston. Thanks to a couple of repost’s from Paul Wall and Bun B his product took off quickly. See video below.

Connecting Cowboys fans on social media

Ranard Hardman and I have followed each other on Instagram since I discovered his Cowboys shoe designs there over a year ago. Then learned of course he was actually a Cowboys fan. A major plus for OAT! Just today however we became family on the Facebook side. He is now in our group!


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Posted up at the H-Town @sneakersummit. I’m customizing live and got new Merch on deck #SneakerHeadDad #DopeActiveFather ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 📸 by @jussfresh ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ www.nardgotsolecustoms.com #NardGotSole #KrispySoles ———————————– For all SERIOUS inquiries about customs Send a DM,  TEXT (713) 352-8681 or email datboynard@hotmail.com 🚨I DO NOT discuss business in comments. Do not CALL, the 3 options  above is the best way to keep track of all conversations. Thanks🚨 ——————————————————— — #HtownGotSole #CrepProtect #Illiunaire #AngelusDirect #AceOfCustoms #FeatureMySneaks #NiceKicks  #KicksOnFire #SneakerFiles #Hypebeast #NikeL1fe #SneakerNews #Kickfeed #solecollector #Nike  #Swiftkickz #sneakershouts #solecollector #SoleySneakers  #FeaturedFootwear #Buckeyecitysole #Jordan #HoustonAstros

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Time to officially introduce Nard Got Sole to OAT

What really lead to this today was a video I discovered on YouTube last night about Nard. It actually featured Bun B from UGK, who I really grew up listening to traveling the world in the Navy. Talk about a major plus! The big part however was Nard Got Sole and his story of how he became known around the world for his kick game. Growing up for me in Texas in the 90’s Houston was the rap music mecca of the south. Combining the 2 here was like winning the lotto!

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In addition, special shot out to all those die hard Cowboys fans in Houston down there with Nard in Dallas Cowboys Fans Houston Fan Club. Any other NFL fans who that may happen to read this please add him to your teams groups on Facebooks and allow your members to level up their shoe game this season!

Check out Nard’s story below at the 3:06 to hear him give it first hand. Inspirational

In conclusion

Thanks to social media connecting Cowboys fans around the world again to showcase our passion and love for our team. I have yet to meet Ranard, but I know soon our path’s will cross. He is a shining example of what $3 types of Cowboys fans are not only dong in our fan base, but among other sports fan bases around the world. A legit business. Talk about leaving a legacy for your children.

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Finally, in the mean time I need all my Dallas Cowboys fans, readers, and other NFL sports fans here to go and support this family man and his business! We are very fortunate to have him here in our group. I think I see an OAT shoe line in the works. What do you think? This is what I love about being a fan of a fan. Getting the opportunity to build a professional network of like minded professionals who love Ameirca*s Team.

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