Why the GOAT says Jerry Jones is “The King Of Leverage”

Why the GOAT says Jerry Jones is “The King Of Leverage”

When the GOAT speaks we all listen. Every NFL fan who collects autographed memorabilia should absolutely listen to what the GOAT has to say about the “King of Leverage” and his company Prova.

I recently streamed my last Facebook Live edition of my Carpooling With Comcast Cowboy Most Cowboys fans don’t read, but thank you for actually doing so. Please skip to my video below to the 22:46 minute mark to get straight to the point. Shall we? Business first though. If you collect sports merchandise check out the GOAT’s company Prova.

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From the dirt to interviewing the NFL Network’s Jane Slater.

I talk about Prova in the below video of the GOAT below at the 22:46 time mark. Skip to it and WATCH NOW!

Should you not watch you may not be able to fully measure the scenario in its totality.

While Ezekiel Elliott’s headlines are dominating the internet #shitforclicksandlikes there is a man training for his ultimate return. At the same time, there is a master businessman at the bar in Jerry Jones asking for a stiff drink. With a straw.  Although Zeke does not have a ring, he likely has all the leverage he needs to conquer the “King Of Leverage” himself. This drink Jerry ordered however is a rare one, and our bartender Zeke is likely negotiating that drink price with him still.

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West Coast drops a podcast on Cowboys fans

Cowboys fan base creatives are cashing in on specialized knowledge like West Coast Cowboy. He was recently featured on what is likely the biggest independent fantasy football podcast in their entire industry. Perfectly introduced to a new audience on the most sizzling topic of the NFL. All along while currently sitting at ground zero in Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, CA.

If you really love Zeke as I do, be sure to jump in on the contest. Thrown by the Fantasy Football Counselor. He is giving away this ELITE only 1 of 10 in the world signed Zeke Panini America Card with a piece of a game-worn jersey!!!!!!

He will go “Live on his Instagram at 6 pm PST, 9 PM EST to announce the winner. Be sure to follow specific instructions to increase your chances of winning!

Be sure to follow and get in on this contest! #builtbyfansforfans 

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In conclusion

West Coast pretty much sums it up for our entire fan base if they are willing to listen to the full podcast. It’s amazing how when you do the right thing, it always takes the longest. That’s ok. As a Cowboy fan for life like all of you reading this here, it’s just a matter of time before we reach the pinnacle of the NFL world again. Could it be in Miami in 2020?

Like many of you, I will sleep better when all these contracts are put to bed. Speaking of bed it is 2:36 AM in the morning as I type this sipping coffee. I wanted to share this with you because of the team, the position, and the history between all of us here with this. Hopefully, this helps broaden the perspective about Ezekiel Elliott and his upcoming bag.

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