How to watch Drew Pearson Live on Facebook this season

First of all do you think Drew Pearson would go Facebook Live during his HOF ceremony in 2020 should he be inducted finally?

Drew Pearson is my all time favorite Dallas Cowboy. In the spirit of kicking off the season today I wanted to share his new show with you. Drew Pearson Live on Facebook weekly. That’s the easy part however. In addition, share with you how Drew plays an important role with us here in OAT.

In the below photo I was fortunate to meet Drew Pearson for the second time while in Dallas at the SportsCon put together by Andy Alberth, cousin of Tony Romo. Below I’m pictured with Matt Thronton and Drew. They both did a Facebook Live show in 2017. I actually won an autographed photo of Drew from watching and sharing his Facebook Live show. Also answering his audience  questions! When I met them both below at SportsCon Matt reminded DP, and we all got in the photo together!

How to watch Drew Pearson Live on Facebook

Facebook Live is a great way for #3 types of Cowboys fans to create content for Cowboys fans much like Drew is doing with his show now. Many of you have seen my “Carpooling WIth Comcast Cowboy” Facebook Live shows in our OAT Facebook group. In addition it’s actually a great way to engage an audience. In addition,  build lasting relationships through said community. West Coast Cowboy is essentially building his empire through Facebook Live with his audience of over 16k fans currently.

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When you combine that, with the amount of shares like WC fans provide him, now is the time to “Clock In” and help the “Hail Mary” creator go to work! Drew has, and always will be a shining example of #3 type of Cowboys player in my book! Over the last 3 years I have seen him in the trenches with fans at events accross the nation on Facebook. #builtbyfansforfans

As training camp kicks off today in Oxnard, CA let’s support Drew Pearson Live each week as a group. When departing from DFW back to Seattle in January this year after beating the Seahawks, I wound up at the very gate Drew broadcast’s his show from! Click here to follow his show on Facebook. 

While there I was very fortunate to obtain another autographed copy below before departing, it was enetually given away to an Instagram follower on OAT. #builtbyfansforfans

How we can all ride the Drew Pearson Live wave this season together

As we build history together within the Dallas Cowboys fan base #builtbyfansforfans, we can both take advantage of the opportunities it brings along with it. We currently have over 30 Brand Ambassadors helping push and promote the OAT vision on Facebook. Matter of fact, we actually support West Coast and his show also through Patreon. Exclusively placing our OAT brand logo on all of his Facebook Live shows. Look for it next time you “Clock In”

In the name of team work all the #3 types of social media creatives are working together to build this as a team. I call them my “Hot Front 4” now. West Coast, JoJo, Cowboy Jobu, and Akoye. Name another group with that combined talent? Recently drafted OAT rookie # type of fan Brandon Lambert just “Clocked In” so stay tuned!

For a limitied time I will be offering 6 Brand Ambassadors who support OAT through the “Holy Hail Mary” Patreon Tier before the season kicks off. If you run a small business, need a social media makeover, or are just getting started on social we are here to help. In exchange for your monthly support we provide a top notch service, and present your Cowboys related business to our audience of over 36,ooo Die Hard fans each week this season! Interested? Click the link below for details.

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In conclusion

Drew Pearson appears to be set to rightfully enter the NFL Hall Of Fame potentially for the 2020 upcoming class. It’s clear with the contact I’ve had with Drew over these last 2 years between Cowboys Experience where I initially met him, and then at the SportsCon he is apart of the OAT journey for all of us here. I’m beyond humbled and thankful to have met him and have named our most important Patreon Tier in the name of him as a result.

I look forward to seeing Drew wear the illustrious Gold Jacket in the near future. And for this, it’s our duty to go support him in every way possible in achieving this monumental event! I want to thank each of our readers here, and especially our 30 active Brand Ambassadors through Patreon. Without them, the lights don’t stay on here at OAT.

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Together we can all create a UNIFIED front as we head into a potentially promising season full of ups and downs. PS; if you get in now as an OAT Brand Ambassador you’re eligible to win a FREE COWBOYS HOME GAME TICKET this season! Join yours tuly at a game this season!

As I wrap up, just know that our fan base is doing something truly special with OAT. We are leading the other 31 NFL teams on how to “Clock In” and go to work as the most loyal fan base in the world. America*s Team. Inside the only Facebook group where it all goes down.

“The best part of waking up, is truly some OAT in your cup!”

Be sure to subscribe to my blog here and leave me a comment about a Drew Pearson memory you have below! Congrats to Brandon “Lambo” Lambert when he “Clocked In” and got a shot out from DP!

In the meantime watch his show he just put out today. Lastly, Drew if and when you get the Gold Jacket, can you go Live on your page in OAT one time?

Make one of your fans dreams come true today!  Thank you Drew Pearson Live!!!!!

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