Antwaun Woods provides LA kids hope inside 100 backpacks

First of all If you felt the 2018 flame of the Dallas Cowboys certified “HotBoyz” Antwaun Woods then his 2019 flame is sure to blaze a new trail for his “The Woods Legacy Foundation.” A descendant from LA’s Baldwin Village on a mission to lead others. In addition his foundation was established earlier in March this year based on research, and OAT is here to support!

On May 30, 2018, Woods signed a two year, $1.05 million contract with the Dalls Cowboys. On August 31, 2018, he made the Cowboys 53-man roster as their starting nose tackle. Hailing from USC where he played in college, his roots are deep within the streets of Los Angeles. The Marathon Continues.

Especially now as an “Honorary Star Status” fan club member rooted with Cowboys fans deep accross the nation.

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During my trip to Las Vegas in June I witnessed the power of networking, and building long term relationships with our past and current players. When opportunity knocks, answer. This is exactly how West Coast managed to link Star Staus Cowboys Connection President Kevin Harris, and Woods for the pre-game of his community day within “The Jungle” of Los Angeles while in Vegas. See his exclusive VLog recap below.

The result provided the opportunity to unite not only our star player with his local fans, but an entire community showed up to support it. Two major cotributors were Star Status Cowboys Connection Fan Club, and the Hard Hittahz chapter of Orange County led by Pedro Gonzalez. Catering was provided by Smokin’ Telle’s BBQ and Grill. The kids were the biggest benifactors however.

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Antwaun Woods love for kids provides inspiration with this gift

The ultimate benefit of “The Woods Legacy Foundation” event was witnessing the kids smiles on their faces the entire day. According to those I spoke with who attended. For those 100 kids who recieved backpacks, Woods included a photo of the 2018 Dallas Cowboys roster with him inlcuded. Providing a map of success to inspire those within the Jungle a route outside of it.

Antwaun Woods
Credit: Caye Montano “One Star One Family”

Even the Cowboys got in on the play. Sending Woods 1 autographed Dak and Zeke jersey to raffle off in conjunction with his own. Thanks to our OAT Brand Ambassador and Patreon Caye Montano for the feedback and photos. Be sure to follow him on his “One Star One Family” concept out of central CA.


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Love being a part of something bigger. It was a lot of fun donating our time to be a part of Hotboy #99 Antwaun Woods “The Woods Legacy Foundation” Charity Event! We enjoyed working along side with Star Status to help make this an organized and successful event! Thank You to Antwaun Woods and Thank You to Kevin Harris of Star Status for allowing us this opportunity! Follow us and Stay tuned for other upcoming Cowboys Fans events! ✭✭✭One Star One Family✭✭✭ #builtbyfansforfans #dallascowboys #americasteam #dallascowboysunited #scdcfc #fanszonecowboys #wedemboys #howboutdemcowboys #dallascowboysfans #bakersfield #kerncounty #hootersofbakersfield ✭✭✭✭COWBOYS ✭✭✭✭ #onestaronefamily #1star1family #dallascowboys #COWBOYS #one✭onefamily. Cowboy Fans United . ✭💙✭💙✭💙✭💙✭💙✭

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The Legacy Woods Foundation In conclusion

I briefly met Antwaun Woods in Las Vegas, and shared with him how OAT  supports and follows him on Instagram. West Coast absolutely ran the play flawlessly as the fan base point guard like MJ making moves for this experience. The most traveled Cowboys fan base media influencer. Here is his exclusive recap video of the event. We all know that most Cowboys fans don’t read anyway.

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