The Detail on how to “Live The Stream” with Kobe Bryant on ESPN+

Here is the “Detail” on how to “Live The Stream” with Kobe Bryant on ESPN+. In addition, how to also keep more money/gifts in your stockings this holiday season with Disney+!

While working almost 3 years knocking doors selling Xfinity cable service by Comcast in Gig Harbor, WA I learned a valuable lesson as a result. The digital content landscape has been changing. Right before our eyes over these last 4 years.


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I go into full “Detail” about it all in my YouTube video below. The video is a bit lengthy, but packed with powerful information. Like Kobe Bryant, Cowboys Lakers fans, and how to be the first to get this super cheap Disney+ bundle next month! Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel below to help me reach 100 subs FAST. That way we can brand our channel link with OAT!!!!

So when I release videos in the future, and you hear me say “How to live the stream.” This is actually what I mean by it. A catchy hook to help us both remember the “Detail.”

How WE both can “Live The Stream” like Kobe Bryant and ESPN+

November 12, 2019 you will be the first to experience Disney+. A brand new streaming option provided by Walt Disney. In conjunction, you will be able to bundle another streaming well known serviceowned by Disney for a ridiculously low monthly cost. You absolutely won’t believe it either. Giving a new meaning to “Triplets.”

Oh, and before I forget if you really love UFC content, this is the one stop destination for all things UFC! Say nice things about how I articulate “UFC” with my body language below in the video.

Did you know that  Greg Hardy from Millinton, TN actually played for Dem Boys? Check out that OAT emoji hand signal though.  I see you Greg, AKA “Prince Of War.”


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(BLUF) Bottom Line Up Front; Add them up!

  1. ESPN +
  2. Hulu (Has Live Sports)
  3. Disney +

When/ should I have further information to provide before November 12th that is the official launch date for you to be able to capture all these services in one streaming bundle for less than $15 a MONTH! I’m actually a Disney Plus affiliate, and would ask if you’re interested please contact me directly.

You can pre-register now on their site, but then your hard earned money will go to Walt Disney. Not a hard working content making #3 type of Dallas Cowboys fan out here playing the long game 4 you here.

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Ten year anniversary.

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Detail In conclusion

If you’re a new reader here beware. We (My Circle of Trust) employ the “Mamba Mentality” with our approach to buildiing the first ever Cowboys fan Holacracy in OAT. This is not a “Barry is this crazy guy on the internet with mental issues funny biz #shitforclicksandlikes.” By the way I’m a certified “Delusional Cowboys Fan.” I say that shit with PRIDE btw. Tell Stephen A. Smith I dare him to say some shit about me LOL. No, please don’t provoke him! He dont want that SMOKE!

Instead yall go check out Kobe Bryant and his new series “Detail” on ESPN+, then get ready to “Clock In On Disney+” this Novemver 12th. When you join my email list you will get all my content first. That way you know exactly what to do. If you have further questions please hit me in the DM directly.

In my opnion, this is one of the BEST YouTube/ Instagram videos I have made with some real purpose on many levels. A little lengthy though. My goal is to get them within 5 minutes top’s with all information included. Please WATCH, SUBSCRIBE, then HIT THE BELL, and show your Crazy Ass Cowboys cousin some love here. Preciate y’all fam!

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