How to actually get a West Coast Cowboys Experience

West Coast is currently the most traveled Cowboys fan base media personality out there. Barry Griffith from the Cowboys Experience took notice. As a result a partnership was formed, and now you too can get the best Cowboys Experience every home game in The Colony.

Last November I was fortunate to discover Barry’s Cowboy Experience. It was against the Eagles at the Mothership. Despite the loss we took, I was fortunate to meet some legendary past and present Cowboys players.

During my trip to the home opener this season however, I tagged along with West Coast to share in more detail. In addition, how you can hook up with West Coast, and get some great package deals to this unique event. Each home game on Saturday’s. WC was hand-picked by Barry to help create awareness for the Cowboys Experience.

Here he is pictured in the Miller Lite Club at the tunnel.


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Can you find West Coast….? Thanks @dallasnews for these great shots !!!!

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Where is the Cowboys Experience located?

Following personalities on social media like West Coast can be fun. He has literally exposed thousands of Cowboys fans with his “Live” Facebook footage at exclusive events, and actual games. Keeping up with him is hard however. Here is some footage from the CE event shot by West Coast himself.

Each home game, the day before on Saturday you can catch Barry, along with Super Bowl Champion Drew Pearson at Lava Cantina in The Colony. Other mentions include Stacheman, and the Dallas “Chow Boys” as they performed for the crowd to kick it off.

Considering the nice drive about 20 minutes north of Arlington, a Uber is about $35 bucks to get you there. Best thing to do is join our OAT Facebook group, and network with fans in the area. If you’re attending with other fans during the Cowboy Experience check with West Coast to see if they have a shuttle for paying customers on their travel packages.

Music, games, prizes, and Dallas Cowboys players at the Cowboys Experience

You can expect to have a great time during this hour and a half event. One that includes food, music, prizes, and the opportunity to meet past and present players. Especially Super Bow Champion Drew Pearson. Once the show opens up, Drew will get on the mic and talk all things Cowboys. From the previous game, to the upcoming.

In addition other players both past and present may pay a visit. Like Eugene “The Hitting Machine” Lockhart. Meeting him in November was a pleasant surprise. Lastly I was able to meet Travis, Zack, Jaylon and Rod Smith. Part of the actual Cowboys Experience draw is allowing attendees the chance to meet, get an autograph, and snap a picture with players who show.

During this show however Michael Gallup, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin were in attendance. Here is their Facebook post with gallery of photos from that day below.

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In conclusion

If you’re seriously thinking about attending a Cowboys Experience during the next home game contact West Coast personally. He will make sure all your questions are answered. Lastly ensuring you have the best overall experience possible on your trip into watch America*s Team.

Here is a quick snapshot of their pricing model for travel packages to games through Cowboys Experience.

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Here is there up to date pricing model grabbed from their site. Please contact West Coast with questions. Airfare not included.

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