Are you a veteran who supports the Dallas Cowboys?

Military veterans past and present showcase skills at combine in Frisco

In case you missed it, the Dallas Cowboys hosted a military veteran combine at The Star in Frisco, TX. Are you a professional on LinkedIn with a podcast?

After seeing this the light bulb immediately turned on. One that I recently created for veterans. Especially those who support the Dallas Cowboy in our OAT community. Keep reading to learn more!

How we can connect professionally, and expand the OAT network even further?

Expansion with OAT is always on the agenda.

Approximately 500 people attended the free event, which was open to the public. In addition, each year the NFL recognizes military veterans through it’s “Salute To Service” campaign in partnership with USAA.

This event added a new dimension however. Building on this growing relationship between America*s Team and it’s military fans especially.


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The future of the NFL and military veterans on LinkedIn

The NFL expands Salute To Service off the field. Now to honor and recognize our military by bringing players, and team personnel to military bases hosting thousands of service members at NFL games and events.

In addition, enlisting NFL fans to show military appreciation. An effective recruiting strategy effectively built by the NFL with the DOD.

OAT is proud to announce our very own podcast focused on our groups veterans who are on the LinkedIn social media network. Essentially connecting veterans within our Facebook group, and the Dallas Cowboys fan base around the world. Hosted by yours truly “Comcast Cowboy.”

I will also interview veteran’s and Cowboys fan social media personalities as guest’s on the show. So they too can share their stories with our listeners. Many of which are currently in OAT.

Brad Fichtel of the LA Rams times Lt. Col. Kevin Gamble of the 7405th Troop Medical clinic during the push-up event. The military combine tested the soldiers in six differnet areas which professional football players endure during NFL workouts. Photo By Brand Cruz, Sentinel News Editor

Connecting veterans within OAT through this veteran LinkedIn podcast

Things have been slow here around OAT since my visit to LA. Especially after all the off season moves we have made recently. During my absence from really being active on OAT I was working on building an even bigger platform for all military veterans professionally past, and present on LinkedIn.

A podcast that I planned all along to connect veterans in OAT. One that eventually with who love the Dallas Cowboys as a result. I just had to be patient long enough. Long enough for the “how to” go about incorporating OAT with my current LinkedUp Podcast project.

After finally getting back into the OAT groove of things this month, and touching base with current events, this was a no brianer. The “How to” of it all came together finally.

As the NFL continues to push it’s Salute To Service campaigns each year this will give our members even more opportunity within OAT.

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Cowboys fan now face of Comcast “Internet Essentials”​ for veterans

The rise of the digital veteran will be in high demand

Many big name companies seek to captialize it’s bottom line by hiring Ameirca*s most talented veterans. When properly found on LinkedIn, this podcast will be the glue for our veterans. Giving them a platform that curates this type of content to share with othere veterans.

Check out the story behind Blake Hall and his company ID.ME pictured below.

An Army veteran on a mission to get veterans the access they deserve and need swiftly online. Already approved by the VA, and the VFW.

Streamlining veteran online verification, access, discounts, and the ultimate way to get your first “Premium” FREE 12 Months paid subscription by LinkedIn FREE. (1 time use only). Register with ID.ME first, and it makes the process on LinkedIn very smooth for veterans to obtain this. FREE!


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πŸ€”βž‘οΈβ€œTrying to remember the login information for several different online accounts is difficult, and further, verifying your identity online can be a cumbersome process,” said VFW National Commander Keith Harman. β€œSo we’re glad to be able to provide our members with a simple solution.” πŸ“² πŸ“² Did you know that Blake Hall, a third generation soldier, former @usarmy Ranger and member of the @vfwhq post #15021 in Baltimore, MD founded @ID.ME as a result of this problem for veterans? πŸ”— πŸ”— Tools like ID.ME allow veterans to get verified online in a few clicks and immediately start receiving benefits and discounts with approved partners. πŸ”— πŸ”— The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is pleased to announce it has teamed up with ID.me to provide its members with a more streamlined and secure online experience. The VFW is the first major veterans service organization to use ID.me as a single-sign on for its digital platforms. πŸ“± πŸ’» Great tools and resources like these for transitioning veterans will be shared on our upcoming podcast. Be sure to subscribe early now! Hit the bio link, and subscribe to the @linkeduppodcast “Early Adopter” email community to be one of the first to receive our most recent content. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ For a limited time when you subscribe prior to our launch you will receive our FREE E-book on the direction LinkedIn is heading in the next 2 years. In addition 7 action steps you need to tske now. Get your copy now before it’s too late! * * “Adding Virtual In-Person Identity Proofing is a critical step towards making sure that no Veteran is left behind while keeping VA in compliance with the latest NIST standards.”

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How this will benefit our veteran community within OAT and Linkedin

Since OAT’s inception in 2016, It’s safe to say one thing. I have organically manifested a few strong veteran relationships with Cowboys fans from OAT. As I mentioned Tyson above earlier, and also James “Suitman” Wright is another. Also my brothers from another mother Tony Thomas down with ATL Block Party, and Fred Waters with Star Status down in Cali.

All of these men are professionals by day, and Cowboys fans around the clock every year. Again, a no brainer linking fellow veterans here up.

I want to be able to help create a small network of military veterans past, and present who support the Dallas Cowboys. Collaborating and connecting with each other will be benficial. Together we can network professionally on LinkedIn through our passion, and love for America*s Team.

Jaylon Smith, other brands are very active on LinkedIn

My goal this June is to sit down with Jaylon Smith this summer in Vegas at the Fans Zone event at the MGM Grand. He is very active on LinkedIn building his network and furthering his “Clear Eye View” objectives. Essentially then, taking our growing community of professionals, and giving it some clear vision of it’s own this season.

I have been watching Jaylon over the last 12 months building his #CEV brand with his team Rise Sports in FT Wayne, IN. My goal is to sit down with him as a guest on my podcast this summer.

Also read: Jaylon Smith’s “Clear Eye View” brand teams up with OAT

In conclusion

Just as we set out to connect Dallas Cowboys fans in our Facebook group with OAT, we can now look to branch OAT out professionally on LinkedIn. Adding yet another social media platform for our community to connect on.

Everything has it’s timing. After almost 90 days of toiling away on research about LinkedIn this week it clicked.

During one of the rare times I give the NFL praise becuase of it’s dislike for our Boys, credit hereΒ  is absolutely due. As a 23 year retired Navy veteran myslef when events like the one in Frisco happened this week it warms my heart to see my brothers and sisters out there still chasing their dreams at all ages. Never. Quit.

For many who may have thought I lost my fire for OAT; I was busy “Doubling Up” like Nip, RIP.

I just needed a break to find new inspiration and fire on how to take things to another level with OAT.

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How SCDCFC shows appreciation for Veterans through club event

Wrapping up

If you would like to learn more about my LinkedUp Podcast, watch the below intro video for visitiors on my YouTube channel. It will give you a general overview.

If you’re on Instagram you can click here and check out the tempature there too.

Lastly, if you would like to subscribe as an “Early Adopter” today, you get a FREE gift! Download my new E-book that shares 7 actiionable steps you can take to set up your LinkedIn profile to “All Star” status. Click here now!

Are you a veteran in OAT, or one who supports the Dallas Cowboys?

If so, please leave me a comment below so we can start connecting with each other today.





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