How to predict the Dallas Cowboys will actually win Super Bowl 53

Jordan Garnett has the determination and persisitence to predict like a champion for Super Bowl 53. Or does he? The NFL pre-season has offcially kicked off tonight at Levi’s Stadium, and so will the SB precitions and tattoos accross each of the 32 fan bases. Could his prediction this 3rd time actually be a charm?

As I sit here in Denny’s in Santa Clara, CA prior to the game tonight at Levi’s Stadium, I finally spoke with Jordan. It was critical to get this out since he recently launched his 3rd campaign on the matter today mentioning OAT.

His video below went viral of him getting this Cowboys Super Bowl tattoo prediction 2 years ago. I reached out to Jordan after learning he semi updated his tattoo to reflect his Super Bowl 53 prediciton. In addtion to his prediction he is also a comedian in Florida. Here is his 2016 video.

Putting himself out there much like I did in 2016. The exact day the whole Official America*s Team operation kicked off. Many Cowboys fans would say they felt the same, even after Tony Romo went down in Seattle. Ushering in our tandem rookie duo of Dak and Zeke. Our 2016 season was one for the ages. In the regular season only however.

Failed attempt #1 in the books.

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Jordan Garnett has predicted the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl again

The Madden curse is currently affecting Antonio Brown. Coincidental right? Will the Super Bowl 53 curse remain for Jordan and his prediciton for a 3rd year in a row Cowboys fans? Much like the last 2 seasons he has faced much ridicule as a result. But as a comedian he takes it all in stride.

Here was his second attempt to cash in on his prediction. Which clearly he left plenty of room to add the roman numerals III in hopes of capturing the prediction altogether. After all the Zeke drama we missed the playoffs altogether in 2017.

Failed attempt #2 in the books.

Here we are in 2018 as Jordan Garnett is ultimately out of room for addtional roman numerals. Just like the Madden curse, the Super Bowl 53 tattoo curse is also real according to fans. Jordan even shared with USA Today that he recieved death threats previously via social media as a result of his premature move.

Does this mean he will recieve even more threats in 2018?

In conclusion

For Jordan Garnett to predict the Cowboys will win Super Bowl 53 in ATL is not too far fetched. Over the last 2 years we have faced adversity on and off the field which as a result has made us war ready. More capable with some experience. With Dak and Zeke heading into their 3rd season together as leaders this could actually be the year. Word coming out of camp from West Coast Cowboy is our defense will suprise many possibly as a top 5 defense.

Or will we be cursed 3 consecutive years in a row? I dont think so, and here is why the 3rd time is a charm.

I asked Jordan what it would mean to him once this actually took place in Atlanta next February. He was actually reluctant for the most part to predict that boldly a 3rd time. He admitted that he actually used a permanent marker for the Roman Numeral III (3rd) mark in this photo due to his reluctancy. See below.

In the name of good fun however after our interview he tagged us for good measure. Should he go get that 3rd roman numeral tatted on him?

I think his reluctancy to fully go all in as we have seen over the last 2 years might just be the difference. According to the major media the Cowboys are underdogs this season also, and will under perform. Dont you prefer to be the underdog?

This might just be what the doctor ordered. Here is this slightly convincing video of Jordan Garnett putting it out there for us here at OAT. Will the 3rd time actually be a charm? If you think he should go complete the tattoo leave a comment below.

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