How to join 1st annual NFL draft fans takeover in Arlington

First of all the NFL draft is fast approaching for Dallas Cowboys fans. Unlike any other draft in NFL history this will be the first takeover of it’s kind. Not only will the draft be held in a stadium for the first time, but the fans are organizing something uniquely different. The first ever NFL fan base takeover!

How this came about was networking with other like minds within our group to build something unique this season. In addition with well known fans within our base on the lineup for guest appearances. This is truly going to be a star studded event you’re not going to want to miss! Keeping in line with our mission at OAT to connect Cowboys Nation through social media and events!

Built by fans, for fans

Since establishing the OAT Facebook group in the summer of 2016 many stars have aligned across the nation. It was like yesterday I can remember Tyson Jamerson, AKA the “West Coast Cowboy” reporting “Live” from 2016 Cowboys training camp on Dallas Cowboys Scouting. Breaking down what he seen each day for fans like us.

Since then Tyson has established himself within the Cowboys fan base as a credible contributor to fans on social media around the world. That’s why there is no surprise he his headlining this first ever event. Along with up and coming social media talent JoJo’s Replay recently discovered by OAT last month.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Other well known established, and up and coming fans are planning to support the cause. Setting it up to actually be something truly special for any Cowboys fans who wish to attend. There will be prizes given away via raffle, “Live” broadcasting shows via social media, and a chance for everyone to network and meet outside of our group.

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A Dallas Cowboys fans takeover showcasing well known names at NFL Draft

In addition to Tyson and JoJo headlining the event other well known names within our base will be in attendance. This event would not be complete without the Dallas Cowboys #1 Fan, Ms Carolyn Price. Having recently release her new book “Priceless Dream” this star studded pioneering house hold name will be conducting a book signing for those in attendance. Learn more about her story here.

In addition other up and coming talent within our base. Special guest’s that will include Anthony Donaldson AKA “Solar,” YouTube film analyst AKOYE out of Philadelphia, and lastly well known Dallas Cowboys “James The Suit Man.” We are expecting even more names to show up as the word gets out about this spectacular event.

Lastly there will be prizes given away for fans who attend. Also getting a chance to participate in Facebook “Live” shows by West Coast, and JoJo’s Replay. Mix this in with all the Cowboys fans coming in from the draft it is going to be historical in every since!

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If you thought Drew Pearson got the party hype at last years draft you dont want to miss this event for the 1st ever historical NFL draft in Dallas with the most loyal fan base in the world!

In conclusion

Please help us spread the word to make this event as big as ever! All of us here at OAT and our official ambassadors look forward to seeing you all at this event. It will be one for the ages. A chance for fans to literally make our own history along with the NFL, and our Dallas Cowboys.

This is literally the start of something special coming form the OAT mastermind this season. Make sure your phones are charged, and your representing the Dallas Cowboys from head to toe! Many prizes to give away and fun to be had. We look forward to making this a very exciting event with your support.

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