How to tour fascinating Cowboys home with Stoney Kersh

Stoney Kersh rolls out red carpet for diehard Cowboys fans during home opener

Stoney Kersh is well-known throughout the DFW metroplex thanks to diehards, and the local news. If you’re a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan this is a double whammy for you. To many fans outside DFW however, that’s not the case. Almost over a year ago I discovered him on the Facebook True Blue Crew page. We now have him within the OAT fold!

For the last 2 years there is a trend clealry visible on social media with Cowboys fans. Each of us show our passion and love for our team in uniquely different ways. From what you wear, sing, rap, draw, paint, or even write like we do here at OAT. We all express our love differnetly.

In addition, what we are about to share with you is very unique.

This “Cowboys Smithsonian” of sorts is jam-packed with memories, and a legacy unmatched when it comes to any Cowboys collector.  Did we mention the 4 Cowboys vehicles also? Even Stoney’s dog name is “Dak.” That should tell you everything.

Stoney Kersh, OAT, Comcast Cowboy
Photo courtesy of Donn Dove, #400 from the Las Vegas Hard Hittahz chapter.

The grand finale is truly special. His ability to share his memories and stories of how he procured all of this merchandise is a book within itself. Maybe Stoney will let OAT publish it for him! Either way those in attendance are very grateful for this awesome and amazing experience.

Not only did we get a great tour and a Cowboy orgasim, but for those who shared this experience together it will never be forgotten. Like when Don Dove, #400 from the Las Vegas Hard Hittahz, most known for his comical social media antics within the movement shared this;

“My son and I drove from Las Vegas to Austin, TX just for 1 Deion Sanders Wheaties box to add to my collection years ago. They had them at the HEB. I called in advance to make sure I could get one. Getting a chance to get another collector box while at Stoney’s today was a memory of a lifetime.”

The house that Stoney Kersh built with wife Diane

Stoney shared he has collected Cowboys souvenirs and merchandise since the age of 4. His wife Diane greeted JoJo and I upon arriving and took us to a “waiting room” of sorts while the rest of our party arrived with Hard Hittahz.

She offered us beverages and finger food, turned on the TV and said make yourself at home until the party is ready. Upon their arrival Stoney came in and began the tour of this immaculate home of his.

As he gave us the tour he wowed us with Dallas Cowboys history and how he attained his collection over the years. One item stood out the most with me however. It was an old printing plate from the local newspaper that was used to print papers after we won SB XXX.

During that era this was primarily a way to get your content through written form. Now thanks to technology and social media the game has significantly changed. Just like others who were with me, they too found their aha moments.

Diane also shared that’s here favorite part of their tours. Watching the reactions and expressions each fan gives when they visit initially. “I love to see their reactions. It’s literally the best part about it all for me.”

It gets even better! You absolutely won’t believe it! As we toured his home he carefully interjects how we can walk away with something from his “Pro Shop.”  In addition, I’m thinking damn, he sells Cowboys merchandise here also? More on that in the conclusion.

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Stoney Kersh presentation skills are unmatched with passion

Stoney really knows how to give fans a tour. His ability to have strategically built this masterpiece over time is amazing. With so much attention to detail. A true blue diehard Cowboys fan with a big heart who absolutely loves America*s Team, and it’s fan base.

What most news segments that are done on Stoney in the local news leave out one key thing for real die-hard Cowboys fans that know how to network. That’s all you need to do is call him and schedule your group tour on your next visit to Arlington.

The fact that he lives only minutes from the Mothership, he caps it off with how to get to an actual game in style. While making my rounds at all the tailgate’s like the #1 Tailgating crew the Borrachos Tailgaters. In addition, Star Status Cowboys Connection, and Empire Star Family I witnessed him heading back in the Cowboys bus down Collins Ave. Likely coming from the Stadium Pro Shop as it opens.

As a service to any fan who may visit and tour his home, he extends the invitation for you to park at his house on game days FREE. In addition, providing you a chauffeured ride in the Cowboys van to and from the game in Style!

Stoney Kersh
Stoney Kersh will perosnally drive fans who contact him for home games. Providing parking for your auto at his home. FREE!

Talk about a way to kick off the home opener weekend last Friday! I specifically flew in early to meet with him on Friday the 14th. Given both days were jam-packed with fan base events on Saturday and Sunday. The best is for last however.

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Stoney Kersh gives back to fans at Pro Shop, helps maintain new inventory

Walking around during this tour does on thing to most Cowboys fans who pay him a visit. As we look on in awe we can only imagine what it would be like to walk away with a souvenir of our own. That’s why you absolutely subscribed to OAT. Getting the inside scoop on all things Cowboys fan base related.

As we begin to wrap up the tour Stoney takes in for the grand finale. His Pro Shop. If you’ve ever been to the Stadium there is a pro shop there for you to get your Cowboys fix in any way imaginable.  At this Pro Shop however you can find what melts your heat most and purchase it.

Stoney does this for fans to not only make it more memorable, but to restock his inventory with new items. Giving everyone who attends a little piece of the Kersh family tree. Lastly his replica model of AT&T Stadium with a full-blown city which features a Blue Angels flyover is jaw dropping.

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Official Ambassador click image to shop SeatGeek NOW!

 In Conclusion

I would like to personally thank Stoney Kersh and his wife Diane for their southern hospitality. From the time we stepped foot on their porch until we departed this “Cowboys Smithsonian” that we encourage every fan to experience.

The memories that we created for the 2018 home opener against the Giants made it all the more succulent thanks to a 20-13 win on Mexico’s Independence Day! Finally a very special thank you to the Hard Hittahz who showed up like Adrian Saenz, AKA” Phat Boy.”

Many who know him personally have seen his home and how it is beginning to take shape like Stoney and Diane’s. Well maybe his is an infant compared to this fully grown collection. None the less like Donn, both were extremely grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime to witness and meet Stoney Kersh.

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