DC United: Watch Cowboys with best SRO at AT&T Stadium

Get the best SRO position in the stadium with DC United

Building a network to share great info like this SRO DC United strategy is our idea of sharing the wealth. during the home opener in Arlington I met up with our OAT FB group Admin, Terrence Collins. He actually shared a simple strategy to use during home games. To ensure you actually get the best SRO (Standing Room Only) spot in AT&T staduim!

During my last trip to AT&T Stadium in November of last year I was fortunate to watch the game from the Miller Lite Club. The actual place where you see super fans like, Ms Price, Stacheman, and even West Coast. An area directly behind the Cowboys bench. Also the tunnel where Cowboys players enter, and exit the stadium to their locker rooms.

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The players view as they enter through the tunnel from locker room. They exit out of the Miller Lite Club in AT&T Stadium.

Biggest difference between SRO and Miller Lite Club

The only problem is you have to watch the big screen to see the game. Great area to socialize with other big name fans. The exact place where I initially met Thee YL, and exchanged contact information.

This time around I wanted a new experience. So when Terrence and I were planning this trip we opted to do the SRO option. For two reasons. Price, and we knew we could get prime real estate with this DC United strategy.

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How to get your DC United access and beat the crowds at AT&T Stadium

If you’re on Instagram, visit my post above and you will see what your confirmation email will look like once you select the “Preferred” option (package below) for an annual charge of $20. After taxes and fees it’s about $26 bucks total. You will get a confirmation email with a member number. Eventually getting your own DC United fan card in the mail.

I bought this the day of, so when you’re in line have your ID ready. Show the email and your ID to the usher and this will get you past the DC United checkpoint. Allowing you to beat the surge of fans at the front door of AT&T Stadium.

Giving you the best choice of places to watch the Cowboys in the whole stadium!

In addition to this access here are some other gret benefits that come along with your purchase that will enhance your fandom this season.

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Build and book your total custom game day package with Fans Zone for your all your NFL game day needs!

In conclusion

The whole experience was capped off by a Cowboys win over the Giants. On home opener day. Talk about creating great memories. I am extremely thankful for Terrence sharing this strategy with OAT.

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