Allen Hurns mother to host fan mixer in Frisco for non-profit

Allen Hurns mother to host fan mixer in Frisco for non-profit

Allen Hurns mother Erica Wilson will be hosting a mixer in Frisco, TX this Friday to share her story about their non-profit 88blessings. Founded by Erica in which that offers advice, resources and a support system to single parents.

For the record Allen Hurns wears the #17 with the Cowboys. In Jacksonville he wore #88. Hence the blessing. To identify and build equity with Cowboys fans, AH17 W.I.N.G.S. appears to be a new look for the Frisco area. Date, time and location in fliers below.

The goals are to build a community that offers advice, resources, and a support system to re-focus their energy, solve their financial problems, or grow a business to provide for their families in Frisco, and surrounding communities.

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While on the phone with Erica you could hear how passionate she is. In addition, she shared their impact made in Florida through their efforts were significant. With many ambassadors listed on their site. She also expressed how fortunate she is to share her story in Frisco about why this is project is so important to her and Allen. With local professionals and fans alike.

Here is their recent Instagram post with flier they launched. Be sure to like and follow to show your support Allen Hurns, and Cowboys fans! Register now to make sure you’re one of the few that will be able to attend as it’s expected to be a packed event!

Free and open to the public no dress code required. Registration open until August 16th!

Register here with Event Brite

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Watch: Allen Hurns shares brief story on 88 Blessings and it’s impact

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Updates as of September 1, 2018: Here is the recap video from the event posted on their Instagram. Enjoy!



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