How to meet Kenneth “The Shark” Gant with Blue Star Dynasty

If you’re a Cowboys fan living in Bakersfield, CA you dont want to miss the opportunity to meet Kenneth “The Shark” Gant in conjunction with our newly listed SCDCFC chapter & Cowboys fan club, Blue Star Dynasty! It was during my trip to Miami with Fans Zone that I met Marie Wandasan.

A key player you may have recently seen in the news at training camp in Oxnard, CA. She is on a mission to help unite fan clubs and Cowboys fan accross the nation! Here is her feature from WFAA out of the DFW area.

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How to meet Kenneth :The Shark Gant with Blue Star Dynasty

Since our Miami encounter, Marie and I have shared contacts, and info regarding our fan base. All in line with our mission at OAT. Connecting Cowboys fans through social media. She passed this golden opportunity for Bakersfield and surround area Cowboy fans to meet a Super Bowl Champion.

“I have chosen Blue Start Dynasty to host  The one and only Kenny “The “Shark” Gant.  He will be in the house watching kicking off with all the fans. He will also be bringing Super Bowl rings to wear for pictures and autographs. Blue Star Dynasty has put together a great Venue for the Shark. Filled with fun and raffles.  They will also have one of a kind shirts made of “The Shark” with stars and stats. Of course limited editions only! Great food and drink specials for guests. They will have support from other clubs like SCDCFCWeDemBoyz Central, Star Status Cowboys Connection Kern County Hard Hittaz, in their house also.”  ~Marie Wanadasan
Here is the flier for their event during week 2 when America*s Team faces division rival NY Giants. Now that we have established our line of communication in the Bakersfield area, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to not miss any events this season!
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In Conclusion

OAT want’s to highlight all our fan base events this season. If you know a club, or fan for that matter that can help us build our network please inbox us today. If you’re headed to the Carolina game be sure to link up with CSTOC and President Tina Mosley. Their event is SOLD OUT!

If you plan to come out and join me for week 2 at the home opener, see the long list of events scheduled the entire weekend from Friday thru Sunday check out Star Status “Round UP” and the Borracho Tailgaters.

Finally week 3 details are coming together for the Seattle Tailgate yours truly is hosting! Be sure to join our event if you, or a family or firned is planning to travel up for the week 3 game.

“The 1st ever Cowboys fan base website “Built By Fans, For Fans” bringing you the stories from our fan base like nobody else can!” ~Comcast Cowboy

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