How Brandon Vega created his Dallas Marketing Empire by word of mouth

First of all Brandon Vega of Empire Marketing is this Cowboys fan in Dallas that perfectly fits into what I like to call an Empire “Word Of Mouth Marketing” GAME Changer. When you’re tired of living the follower mindset in life, that little voice in your head starts getting louder. Either you take action, or tell yourself some lame bullshit story. About why you can’t accomplish your goals and dreams in this GAME we call life. This was almost the case with Brandon one day in Dallas. He actually “Caught a mental play and ran with it” when approaching Dorrough in downtown Dallas that day.

Recently after I published the Dorrough article about his new single “Oskie” BDiddy sent me a DM on Instagram. Essentially giving props on my GAME with his artist Dorrough. After a few exchanges in the DM that little voice in BDiddy’s head began to get louder. Soon after Brandon and I are on our phones discussing a winning GAME strategy in assisting to get the word out on this merchandise collaboration with the Dallas Cowboys. Set for release in the coming weeks this season. Subscribe to OAT today to not miss!!


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“Dont waste time, we just work some more.. Rolls Royce raps.. and my tone is Forbes..” @nipseyhussle

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Just keep moving with an Empire Marketing state of mind

Before Brandon Vega and his Empire Marketing business became what it is today, initially, it started out as a moving company. One that Brandon and his life-long friend founded. Empire Moving Company. Throughout that journey, he shared he learned how to believe in his own GAME after their split. In addition, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a house with split testing marketing on what will actually work for his business clients. Then to go on to eventually build his current Marketing Empire in Dallas. Currently being built with “Mr Ice Cream Paint Job” himself Dorrough Music.

Brandon said one day he was downtown in Dallas and he saw the Celebrity Cowboys Fan with a group of men leaving a building he was entering. He said to himself, hey I know him. Let me turn around and approach him with my business card. Free WOMM GAME.

As he approached calling out Dorrough the group took brief notice and began to walk off. Dorrough actually waited and heard Brandon’s transparent pitch as he handed him his Empire Marketing business card.  Only a few short years later Brandon has made major moves in Dallas connecting nationwide celebrities. A “Word Of Mouth Marketing” GAME Changer.

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Empire Marketing assist’s in collaboration with Dallas Cowboys merch deal

Weeks earlier when I spoke with Dorrough on the phone he shared briefly about a merchandising partnership with the Cowboys. While talking with Brandon and learning the back story on how that shaped up. Very typical of his “Word Of Mouth Marketing” strategy. One that has turned many big-name celebrities that visit Dallas on to his vast GAME of resources.

Furthermore, a true GAME Changer in every sense when it comes to unifying people in the name of the business and putting on for the city of Dallas. He shared he has been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since his youth growing up in Dallas, and then linking up with a Cowboys Celebrity Fan like Dorrough has been transformational. His Empire clientele list ranges from Demarcus Lawrence to Deion Sanders.


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Wait for it.. @tanklawrence @theicechamp @six3

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In conclusion

Much like Brandon Vega of Empire Marketing and his journey, many of you reading this are on yours like me. For instance, his story exhibit’s what I have always called a #3 type of Cowboys fan. One with a GAME Changer state of mind. Although his dream is still taking shape, it had its beginning. When he took himself seriously and began to chase his own dream things began to really shape up for Brandon. Like many of the creators in my Facebook group of over 16k fans! What one Cowboys fan actually called a “Voltron Holacracy.”

I was absolutely thrilled to finally get Brandon’s story out to our combined readers and audience of over 40k fans combined. He shared that in the coming weeks the merchandise collaboration will take shape. In addition, he plans to keep us informed here at OAT. Much like OAT is being built by our own fans here “Word Of Mouth Marketing” also remains our greatest strength within it. A worldwide network of social media fans/ creators connected on and off the grid. Essentially the ultimate WOMM network in the Dallas Cowboys fan base. Furthermore, who will Brandon’s word-of-mouth referral be?

Finally, I want to personally thank Brandon for giving me the opportunity to network with him. Would you like to know how you can help OAT today, and potentially net $500 in the process? Evaluate how extensive your GAME and word-of-mouth network might be when it comes to Celebrity Cowboys Fans. Help me, help your pocketbook when WE add to OUR digital library of certified “Real Deal McCoy” Cowboys fans. Click the button below NOW!

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This is the second article in a series of stories that will be published here about Celebrity Cowboys Fans. Ultimately it highlights the power WE as fans have with WOMM when it comes to social media. The most powerful network of fans working together off the grid. A “Voltron Holacracy.” See the initial story that kicked off this WOMM strategy with Cutzdamato and 4 things you need to know about him. The world-famous celebrity barber of Ezekiel Elliott!



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“No idea is original, there’s nothing new under the sun, It’s never what you do, it’s how it’s done.” @nas . . . Yesterday I was very fortunate to have put out a hot new blog post after personally speaking with @cutzdamato_the_god and allowing him to drip game on us here @officialamericasteam He was very infleunced by @miketyson and his trainer hence the name. Hit the bio link for “4 things you need to know about @ezekielelliott barber Cutzdamato!” https://bit.ly/Cutzdamato_The_God #entrepreneur #gamechangers #cutzdamato #ezekielelliott #barber #celebritybarber #barbershop #cutz #creator #socialmedia #leader #barberindustry #vision #boss #brand #branding #logo #whatsinaname #memeticecode #thesocialorganism #holacracy #voltronholacracy #network #builtbyfansforfans #cowboysunifier #cowboysnation #nas #hatemenow

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