Why this Delusional Dallas Cowboys fan needs to delete his Facebook 4ever!

Let’s get this straight off the rip Cowboys Nation. I’m a “Certified Delusional Cowboys Fan” and it’s self appointed leader according to the Veterans Administration of The Five Point Star.  All my disabled veterans in the fan base can relate. Those Americans in this country who support us, thank you. Medical professionals are now the tip of the spear during the war on COVID-19. Especially when you married to one. THEY NEED ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!

Want to know who is really #1 on Facebook according to Twitter? I can’t make this up y’all.

I have 2 mental conditons that are Siriusly affecting me as a Cowboys fan during this quarantine. PTSD, and OCD. As a stay at home father now during these next few months while my spouse is deployed to New York in the name of COVID-19, I need your help with adult interaction moving forward. Last year many of you began to see me transform into this current liability on social media. Many of you which cannot seem 2 comprehend what entertainment is 4 the life of me.

Since WE are all at home and on Facebook Live together, I wanted to invite you 2 watch my new weekly Facebook Live show “Coffee & Blunts With BG” and my YouTube Channel to help promote it in addition. I’m a shining example of why age has no limit on the internet during quarantine. If you ain’t developing a “new skill” during this time, come watch me work on mine Live. If you want to know how to get started I can help there also. Sleep is the cousin of death!

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Non-Delusional Cowboy Fans Please Keep Hating

Is it just me or does it seem like Dak Haters also hate alot of other shit in their lives? Maybe it’s just me. Watching the comments in my Facebook Group I learn alot abut many of you who frequently display your intelligence, or lack there of The Star. Keep hating. It’s given me a new reason to be even more motivated now. I know you will continue to watch in silence though. That’s ok too. Just like those who of you who love and support my new show, you too can get a Triple Dose of Daily Vitamin C. On The House.

Together we can all work together to help inform and educate Americans of NFL fans from all teams during this pandemic. With a Cowboys touch on it of course. Provide it in a way no other influencer is currently giving it to you behind this black mirror pandemic. It’s bad enough I have to deal with my Post Traumatic SuperBowl Disorder, and Obsessive Cowboys Disorder on a daily basis. So let’s find a way to all get along during timeout until America’s Team get’s back on our TV screens. Shall WE?  Happy Belated 127th Birthday Chief Petty Officers around the globe!

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Calling All Delusional Dallas Cowboys Fans

The power of positive thinking is real. One thing I know is that you and I will get through this together. COVID-19 has affected both you and I in ways like never before. Help me get creative with your feedback, and thank you for riding with me since 2016 for all my day ones. All others I’m calling you via social media to come join me until we can escape social distancing and beyond. Learn how you can help even more here.

Before all you social distancing, social media, blogger, and other grammar police get on the coments below, read this first. Mental Health is no joke. I recently wrote an E-book on Amazon Kindle sharing my life story as a result.  Centered around veteran suicide and depression. To help bring awareness. Just as my new show will incorparate that content to continue to spread it socially. This is how I deal with my conditions. Dont knock it until you try it!

Lastly, here is my show I did this morning for your viewing pleasure. Please be sure to turn on notifications after watching this entire video. I hope to see you on one of my shows so I can give you a shot out like many others who watch and support get every time they tune in! FInally, be sure to subscribe to my blog here and join my email list so we can continue to share information. Allowing us both to escape this Pandemic and get back to Dallas Cowboys football! Just Like Delusional Cowboys Fans. Don’t hate, get motivated. There is only one you, let your Star shine!

Cowboys Unifier

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