Dak “Bullet Proof” Prescott 4 America’s Team President in 2020

While most Cowboys fans in OAT were gang banging over Dak Prescott this season I was busy having a mid-life crisis of my own. For many of you it may be the first you’re hearing of this. Well here’s my coming out party for 2020. In the name of story telling I want to share my thoughts with you after 3 years about Dak Prescott. In addition, why I think Jerry Jones campaigned so hard 4 this undesired result. I think Mr. Jones never realized he could remain “Bullet Proof” all season.

Those of you who have followed me this season have heard me say on several occassion that Dak is only one play away from being unserviceable. The conversation nobody seems to want to have. Well, with exception to some real thought provoking Cowboys fans. In some circles and cities. The billion dollar question is why did Jerry Jones not pay Dak Prescott this season?

The elephant in the room NOW. Are you ready for an off season of Moore Dak?

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When you walk around all season like your “Bullet Proof”

This is the question I’ve been asking myself all year since I took my sons Bryant and Bryce to the home opener. All season we had to hear the media toss this back and forth. I had the honor of seeing fans BANG first hand ever since Dak’s inception in 2016. Shortly after OAT was created. The Tony Dak racial divide conitnues to be real in OAT. Many whom I have spoke with this about.

I told you I was about to share with you how I felt right? Are we ready 4 the rise of young paid black quarterbacks in the NFL? Could Dak possibly be silently protesting the aggressive, and handsome contract the Jones offered by wanting Jason Garrett out of office beforehand? Is it due to the fact that Ezekiel Elliott was such a successful filibuster who was initally paid? Finally, has Jerry and Stephen allowed our 2019 season to go down the toilet because of a pissing contest between them both? Whatever it is, nobody seems to know. Maybe they are planning the draft of their grandson to replace Dak in the coming years? Oh. it’s gonna happen.

Maybe that makes sense to why Deion Sanders is linked to the coaching job there. Setting the table maybe? Nobody is calling anybody racial here. This is chess, not checkers. Pay attention Dallas Cowboys fans.

Here is absolutely why you need to pr-order my new e-book: Did you know Jerry Jones is building a casino in Arkansas off Interstate 40? Why is this important? I tried to tell you how much he loves to play Texas Hold”em just over 3 years ago. In addition, do you know how he will pocket millions off the Las Vegas, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles stadiums in 2020? You definitely want to know more about this and why. This will make total cents why Jerry has likely been out of touch with his winning ways of the 90’s.

While I watched most of you conduct drivebys and shoot it out in the comments of OAT on my screen since 2016, I too had my silent suspicions about Dak Prescott. Let me share with you a little secret you may not know however. I can see how you still treat him online. That goes for the big media too. The entire time I have had my eyes square on the leadership of this 3 ring circus instead. I told you about Mr. Jones’ side hustle last year, and after watching an operation worth this much value only produce sub par results this year I find it bewildering. Like the money they make is mine type of bewildering. Follow the money.

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28 April 2016: Jason Garrett, Charlotte Anderson, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones of the Dallas Cowboys during the first round of the 2016 NFL draft at the Cowboys headquarters in Irving, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

Become tough as nails when you create a “Bullet Proof” mindstate

Let’s take our hats off 4 Dak Prescott 4 a minute first. Had he been injured at anytime this entire NFL season he would have been another gun shell tossed in the bucket by a Texas family. Directly by the hands of this Cowboys organization that likes to pride itself being big on family. Right, Allen Hurns? Look, I’m pissed just like you are about this season. And all the previous others with Garrett in office. Matter of fact, it’s so fitting if you knew my mental health life story up to this point. No worries though I have zero room to talk on another mans money. After 11 years my wife and I are parting ways as I walk out our front door in Puyallup, WA this year.

At this point I have to say Dak has became “Bullet Proof” after surviving the season 4 one without injury, and then producing enough merits to argue his big payday in the near future, two. Teflon Dak. He has my vote in 2020. Does he have yours? If not why?

Will it be with the Dallas Cowboys, or could it be with another NFL team? Lord I hope not. After spending so much time with my keyboard under the Dak Zeke era I can tell you that there are 3 sides to every damn story. Many of us are lucky if we get 2 accurately, and timely. Especially when we are dealing with the most powerful social media NFL team in the country. Zeke who? Yeah, those guys.

How could we allow Dak to take this much risk week in and out with literally zero buzz? Jerry Jones did say that his hand has no problems writing the big checks. There is more to this story. More than he is just not good enough.  We are lucky if we are getting 2 sides of this story. So while many of you are sleeping tight in your beds toinght I’m planning my exit strategy. This seasons journey has also allowed me tocreate a “Bullet Proof” mindstate.

No, you do not need a Kindle to read my new E-book centered around veteran suicide called “Bullet Proof” on Amazon this January. Just download the Kindle application. The first 100 pre-orders will recieve exclusive recognition prior to l, it’s aunch! It will be available January 31st for immediate purchase. To set the table allow me to butter you up with some 4REE GAME first.

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Over that same course of 4 years I watched myself become “Bullet Proof” in a differnet kind of way. Right in front of many of your phone screens. I want to thank you however. The support, love, and financial blessings you have bestowed upon me have inspired me to pay it forward in 2020. As we enter election season the talk about veterans and our mental health will be at the forefront. I plan to take part in this discussion duirng the 2020 election season.

In true American politician fashion I want to cash in on this once in a lifetime opportunity. I need your help first however. My cause is actually built around spreading a message of veteran suicide awareness. After sharing my story back in August I have had other OAT veterans in my group of over 17,000 diehard Cowboys fans inbox me personally with their horrific stories.

Voting 4 veteran suicide awareness in 2020 is a no brainer. Put the guns down Cowboys fans. Stop shooting one another over our quarterback in the comments of social media.

Please click below NOW to pre-order my E-book on Amazon. Don’t forget to download the Kindle application if you need it! Did you know that 69% oveterans who committed suicide in 2018 did so with a firearm to the head? Just like Dak Prescott became “Bullet Proof” before our very eyes this year, let’s help reach other veterans through my story so they too can become “Bullet Proof” in 2020 and beyond. ACT NOW to become one of the first 100 pre-orders who get exclusive recognition! Thank you so much in advance!

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