2 Navy veterans used Facebook to close a VA loan on new Houston home

When I met James Swain in his office downtown Los Angeles near Staples Center in 2001 little did I know we would share a VA loan story out of Houston years later. 2 Navy veterans that get Word of Mouth Marketing on Facebook.

Ironically, a story about his friendship with another veteran. One that he recently sold a BEAUTIFUL Houston property that he met in Florida way back win. It’s a Win-Win 4 everyone when you think about it. James was actually calling kids to join the Navy at 8 pm while drinking beer with his recruiters. True story.

A few months ago I told James the next home he sells to make sure it was to a “Cowboys Couple!” Mainly because I know how genuine James is with people altogether. Secondly, I thought it would be a good story to share because James has been appointed by myself as the official OAT VA Loan point of contact for our group. Here are James and his family’s story. In addition why WE have added him to our network as a result. Navy veterans connecting Cowboys fans!

James Swain, Navy Chief, 1st Texas Realtors
James is pictured here on November 16, 2011, at his retirement ceremony held at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. A time-honored tradition for Navy Chief’s when retiring as they are awarded with gifts such as this dapper Chief Sea Chest.

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Navy veterans living in a small world 

While speaking with John today I learned he and his wife Aubrey have been members of OAT for about 2 years now. He and his wife Aubrey were added by James when we initially started OAT in December 2016. Years previously I ran into James while at the Navy Recruiting Academy in Pensacola, FL. He was actually my instructor while I was there as a student in transit to my next move Navy Recruiting District Dallas. We both laughed today while on the phone. What we both learned through our Navy recruiting experiences together were very game-changing. We’re still applying those principles in both our businesses successfully today.

I was ecstatic for James to finally share this story with us here.  He retired almost 8 years ago to the day on November 16th. After he broke it all down to me I asked him to please let me contact the Miculka’s for a review of your performance. John actually had this to say;

“He absoultely helped my wife Aubrey and I with every little detail we could think of as buyers. Whenever we had a question he provided the answer. The main reason we bought a home from James was due to our long lasting friendship, and how we met initially. I’ve been in the OAT group about 2 years now. We absolutely love it!” ~John Miculka

John Miculka, Aubrey Miculka, James Swain, OAT, Barry Gipson
Here is retired Navy veteran John (L) & wife Aubrey (M) Miculka of Houston. James (R) are all in their Dallas Cowboys swag as promised after the close of their sale at First American Title!

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Houston WE have “The OAT Lotto Ticket”

Prior to calling John, I was ignorant of the fact he was in the OAT Facebook group. I actually went to check but got sidetracked due to the latest NFL shiny object. It was a pleasantly surprising fact that he is also retired Navy like both James and me. He and James both met on a whim while both at Instructor training back in the day in Pensacola. John went into electronics and James into recruiting. They hit it off in training together, went their separate ways, and kept in touch through Facebook. Until just recently.

John just happened to move back to League City and looked James up thanks to him posting about real estate on his timeline. This is an example of how veterans use technology to keep in touch and share resources. So much so, that James not only sold them a house expertly with no money down through the VA loan, they actually walked away with about $4500 in rebates, and a check for $800 in hand as a result. This is absolutely why James will be the group’s point of contact moving forward. 4 our veteran members especially. Shoot him a DM or text 4 all the details if you’re in the market nationwide. Especially to buy a home with your VA loan. He is very resourceful like all Navy Chief’s are.

James Swain, Navy Veterans,Houston

Prior 2 real estate “Chief” was at South Houston High School JROTC teaching

Like I said James takes care of those under his charge. Shortly after retiring from the Navy after 21 years, he continued to wear the uniform post service. As the NJROTC Instructor at South Houston High School. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few others recognized him in our group after reading this. His unit was actually recognized by local news as the most improved unit in 2014. Even as a Cowboys fan James was able to get his JROTC Color Guard on the field to perform at a Houston Texans home game. See link below.

Even James’ wife Mari is actually a USMC veteran and a Cowboys fan who I will be featuring here soon. She’s like a Scentsy “King Pin” to me. James met his wife in Los Angeles initially and has been married ever since. I shared with James this was like an OAT lotto ticket! Once we get Mari’s story we will share it in our sister group She Loves The Cowboys with over 20k women Cowboy fans!

“The inspection covers specific areas that help protect the integrity of our NJROTC program, including testing students on their knowledge of the curriculum, cadet participation, academic success and community service,” said MSgt Jamal Cheeks, who manages the program with LCDR Joe Gibson and Chief James Swain.


In conclusion

When James and I were on the phone he shared how he was able to have John & Aubrey walk away with cash in hand. Thanks to First American Title. Instead of the agent making the money off the deal it essentially that money goes back to the buyer. Maximizing the value of the loan and the transaction itself fully for the buyer. A Win-Win for everyone. For more exclusive details contact James personally on his agent profile in Houston here. His social links are there too like LinkedIn and Instagram.

As you can see veterans keep in touch no matter the distance and time. Especially WOMM. As the NFL is currently in its Salute To Service campaign in November I felt very special to get this story published. Damn near 8 years since he’s retired to the day. I have not seen James physically since he was my instructor that summer in Pensacola 2014. That’s about to change real soon though.

James and his wife Mari have not only been long-standing members of our group as Cowboys fans they are just good people in general. Earning a living off helping others get linked up to resources and opportunities. The true definition of teamwork in the home.

Are you in the market for a new home as a military veteran looking to use your VA loan? Let’s exercise our ability to use WOMM, Word Of Mouth Marketing. Go see the “Chief” down in Houston! Be sure to subscribe today and not miss his wife Mari’s story set to publish soon!

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