4 reasons to support Built Different Group content in ’22

The Built Different Group “15% Bracket”

The Built Different Group Facebook community is growing fast this NFL off-season. Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan who represents your team 365 days a year 24 hours a day? If so, you’re likely in that prestigious “15% Bracket” that never sleeps each off-season. The other 85% has simply turned off the lights and gone to sleep already.

For Dallas Cowboys die-hards like you and me, it’s hard to find fresh organic content on social media about our team year-round. Well, until now that is. Here are 4 reasons why you need to support BDG content in ’22. What happens here only happens here each year. Like going to the gym. The only way to develop muscle is to get your ass in the gym daily with BDG, and get some gains!

Built Different Group
2 Cowboys Cousins Experiences to watch for in ’22

Get to know your Cowboys Cousins

During ’21 I wanted to feature a few of my favorite Cowboys Cousins on my LIVE shows at BDG. The Cowboys Cousins concept was born right inside the cradle of NFL football. Canton, OH. While Boots on Ground at the NFL Hall Of Fame last year I was able to run into both Drew Pearson and Roger Staubach.

Getting around Boots On Ground while at Tom Benson HOF Stadium paid dividends. As a result, I was able to connect with many of my favorite Cowboys Cousins from around the nation. During women’s history month, this March BDG will feature many women within our fan base who are making things happen. Will you be tuning in? Meet my “Hat Plug” BIG VAL of Cowboys Life Family.

BIG VAL CUSTOM HATS, NFL, BG, OAT, Cowboys Cousins, Valentin Robles
How to get your favorite NFL Big Val custom hats

A Cowboys Club Directory by Built Different Group

In ’16 I wanted to separate my blog from all other Fan base Creators. Not just another blog reporting on our team from an X’s and O’s perspective. How could we stand out and be viewed differently? When I created the OAT Facebook group in ’16 I discovered the “15% Bracket” lifestyle of Dallas Cowboys fans year-round.

While in the military and stationed in the far reaches of this Nation I longed for a group of Cowboys fans to link up with on game days. Not to mention a Fan Club in Los Angeles, CA which creates community among its members year-round like Star Status Cowboys Connection. I want other veterans to discover us and get connected to their extended Cowboys Cousins family.


LadyVice Lyrics, Cuff, SSCCO, Star Status Cowboys Connection, Dallas Cowboys, Power Couple
Meet LadyVice Lyrics & Cuff the 1st Dallas Cowboys fan base “Power Couple”

 A Boots On Ground Strategy for ’22

Cowboys boots and hats kinda go together if you ask me. So what do you call an NFL fan who likes to go to games and live events surrounding their favorite team? This is what I coined “Boots On Ground” NFL fans. With the OG of them all Carolyn Price, pictured below, who essentially created the boots if you ask me. Since 1960 she has been supporting America’s Team.

All of this started here in ’16 at the San Francisco 49er game at Levi’s Stadium. Since then I have traveled to games and events around the country to create content for our audience around the globe. Now in ’22, we have a full slate of events and fresh new organic content for your consumption this off-season. The Prototype, Momma Price, and I in Canton, OH.

Built Different Group Prototype
How “Star Status Sarah” became the original Built Different prototype
How to support BDG content

Thank you to our current Built Different Group content supporters who have essentially kept the lights on in the newly renovated lab. Many Dallas Cowboys fans refuse to read and it shows. In addition to knowing this, I created a 2-minute video explaining these 4 reasons why to support BDG content in ’22. See below.

Sometimes I skim to the conclusion of articles like this for key points. Just as you did. Enjoy the short video I put together for my supporters and shared it in our exclusive Facebook supporter group a few days ago. When you become one of the 150 Built Different Group supporters of my content this season you will get exclusive benefits.

It’s quite simple. Become part of the 15% Bracket, get in the gym daily, subscribe to the Official Americas Team email community today, and lastly get your boots shined up for your next LIVE event this NFL off-season. See you in Las Vegas this April at the NFL draft! Learn more about our Facebook Supporter Program and join today! This content was brought to you by our supporters thank you!

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