My NFL HOF Experiences recap with “Mr Clutch” & “Captain America”

Both Drew Pearson and Roger Staubach created the original “Hail Mary” pass in December of 1975. I never dreamed of being able to meet both creators in a matter of days. I want to share with you why I think this season could be different than those previously. Why? Well, let’s just say the writing is on the hall of fame wall.

This spring I began to create my travel itinerary for this upcoming NFL season. Specifically with a Boots On Ground approach.  After the schedule was released I knew this year would be the most challenging. Especially for Cowboys fans who love to travel year-round.

SuperBowl 56 will be played at SOFI Stadium on February 13, 2022. The day before Valentine’s Day. How does a trip to Hollywood in February sound Cowboys fans? I plan to be there WK 2 against the Chargers next month for all your intel Boots On Ground needs. Thanks to all of my supporters on Facebook and Patreon they will see this stadium first hand through my phone.

NFL HOF Experiences

When Fathers Day arrived I received a surprise gift from my wife and kids that would send me on an NFL HOF Experiences package deal to Canton, OH. To the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. To witness my favorite Dallas Cowboy of all time get enshrined into football immortality. An undrafted free agent named Drew Pearson from New Jersey. AKA The “Orignal 88” Hut Hut!

In addition, stumbling upon both Drew and Roger while there. On 2 separate occasions, and creating content with them both as a result. Completing the “Hail Mary” connection for the ages. After all, Roger gave Drew his introduction speech into the Hall Of Fame.

A “Mr. Clutch” NFL HOF Experiences

Prior to the NFL HOF Experiences trip while Boots On Ground I was fortunate to encounter Drew on several occasions at fan events since 2017 spanning to current. I personally witnessed him in a capacity other NFL Gold jackets might prefer not to. Interacting and meeting fans across the country with many of the Fan Clubs on our Cowboys Club Directory.

There will always be technical difficulties in life. Initially, I had no desire EVER to attend the HOF. Until Drew got the nod. After a few days Boots On Ground I was entering the festivities that Saturday. While walking in the main entrance I hear a voice say,

“Hey I like that vest you got on buddy.” ~DP

As I continued walking I said thank you, and looked over my right shoulder to see who it was. I couldn’t believe it! Is that DREW PEARSON? Thank you, Kim Murray. She’s a President of a fan club where Drew is originally from. Without you gifting me that vest this wasn’t possible!

He only had a second as he was getting escorted on a golf cart for a selfie. That meant the world to me. Drew Pearson called me out at the NFL HOF Experiences. It’s safe to say my wife and kids definitely allowed me to get their money’s worth on the trip. But it gets even better.


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What you need to know about the NFL HOF Experiences & NFL On Location

The NFL HOF Experiences is proud to partner with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to offer Super Bowl Ticket Packages and to be the Official Experience Provider for Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls. Two separate entities with the same goal in mind. NFL fans.

Only HOF Experiences packages together event tickets, premium hospitality, exclusive access, and other inclusions for both the Super Bowl 56 and Enshrinement Week. By working directly with the Hall of Fame, HOF Experiences can promise 100-percent ticket authenticity and fulfillment for both events. Packages are available for any type of guest, from individuals to large groups to corporate entities.

The NFL On Location part of this equation has literally copy and pasted what Dallas Cowboys Fan Clubs have been doing for years. Bringing NFL players to meet & greet events to interact with fans. Emmitt Smith was previously a Super Bowl ambassador. SuperBowl 56’s ambassador will be none other than “The Field General” himself Troy Aikman.

NFL HOF Experiences, NFL On Location
Learn more about the NFL On Location for SB56 at SOFI Stadium.

NFL Fan Base Creators 88 Dream Came True

Returning to the NFL HOF Experiences on Sunday I thought to myself getting to see Drew on the stage would be satisfying enough. Especially after literally walking into Drew by accident. After attending the Fan Party with my package where all food and beverages were inclusive I took off in search of my Cowboys Cousins in attendance.

While canvassing the compound the buses began to arrive with many Gold Jackets in tow. Hundreds of people had the same idea. Wait for their favorite players to arrive. Thankful to my Cowboys Cousins when a player arrived you could tell if he was a Cowboy. All my cousins began to yell “How bout’ them Cowboys.” This was my mental alarm clock.

After a few buses arrived all of a sudden out of nowhere Roger Staubach arrives. Are you freaking kidding me? Timing is everything. While I walked up on Drew’s golf cart on Saturday I told him my timing couldn’t have been better. His response was “We’re Cowboys of course it is.” It was as if the “Hail Mary” was complete for BG this day. Drew on Saturday, and Roger on Sunday.

The Most Famous Play In NFL History

The “Hail Mary” as I shared earlier was actually created by both Roger and Drew in December of 1975. It currently stands as the most famous play in NFL history. When you hear the folks in the booth say “You couldn’t have scripted this story any better” it’s true. What were my odds of running into both during my NFL HOF Experiences?

The odds of making SB56 for the Dallas Cowboys are slim. Considering we went 6-10 last year, and no SB experience in the last 25 years. Just like mine was coming to Canton, OH and running into both “Hail Mary” creators back to back days. During WK2 I plan to recon SOFI Stadium for my supporters as we battle the Chargers for their first game in their new stadium.

After explaining the 88 Legacy Lineage back in February we learned that CD Lamb is actually the twelfth 88 to carry on this legacy. Drew is now one of two 88’s in the PRO football HOF, joining “The Playmaker” back in 2012. Although he may have not worn the number 88 first, his legacy is now “The Original 88” no copy and paste thanks to Blair Buswell. See the below video for The Most Famous Play In NFL History.


Kicking off the 21 NFL season this year will be twice the fun. Kinda like both enshrinement classes in one weekend. Getting to see so many Gold Jackets was truly an experience like no other. Then throw in the fact, I met both “Hail Mary” creators through the NFL HOF Experiences and it was like winning the Cowboys lottery!

Except for the currency of this lottery will have to accrue “Compound Interest” until next February. Thanks to the currency of my wife and children however they gave me the ultimate NFL HOF Experiences to date. Until the Dallas Cowboys win another Super Bowl that is. Wink.

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Did you see that orange dot come across the screen below? Check out the 88 Legacy Lineage to learn what that orange dot is all about.


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