Meet LadyVice Lyrics & Cuff the 1st Dallas Cowboys fan base “Power Couple”


Dallas Cowboys fans set trends. Change my mind. Meet LadyVice Lyrics & Cuff from Star Status Cowboys Connection Ohio. I bumped into them both while Boots On Ground in Canton kicking it with “The Original 88. ”

Instead of boring you with too many words to read scroll to the video below to learn more about the first “POWER COUPLE” within the Dallas Cowboys fan base. Even the Dallas Cowboys’ #1 Fan “Momma Price” approves. Watch the video 4 receipts. We featured the first-ever woman “Fan Base Creator” during Women’s History Month in March. Video also below.

Near the end of the show, you read the SSCCO President Mark Lockett’s comment about their “Cops & Cowboys” event coming this September 11, 2021, in Toledo, OH. Please see their flyer included below for event details.  Lastly please subscribe to our “Email List” to get notified of future events like “Cops & Cowboys.” Especially among ALL 32 NFL fan bases.

Star Status Sarah
Meet “Star Status Sarah” the BDG Prototype from Michigan who recently became a member of SSCCO while Boots On Ground.

“Cops & Cowboys” How to ‘Keep it Football”

During the show, I learned organically about the “Cops & Cowboys” event to strengthen community ties among law enforcement and its community through the game of football. Being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys is fun. But when your goal and message could impact lives from ALL 32 fan bases, now that is POWERful.

We often hear of Cowboys fans shouting “Dallas Cowboys For Life,” or “DC4L.” Show me how to rep an NFL team for an eternity without saying so. Leadership by example. Even during these uncertain times when it comes to the ‘Delta Variant” those NFL fans who are Boots On Ground are exemplifying the very essence of DCFL. Such as LadyVice Lyrics & Cuff. Meet them below.


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