The Cowboys Cousins takeover at SoFi Stadium

I know you seent all my “Cowboys Cousins” on TV this weekend at SoFi Stadium.  Well, just in case you have been streaming under a rock and actually didn’t here are some receipts. Two videos 4 the dub to be exact.

A few days earlier I shared with my BDG audience that this game had all the potential to become a HOME game for the Dallas Cowboys. Inside sunny Los Angeles where stars like Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Post Malone, and even Connor Mcgregor were sighted.

Prior to attending the nearly sold-out event where Chargers have had problems retaining fans since its departure from San Diego. I hit a couple of tailgates while in the “Pink Zone” of the stadium’s parking lots in search of my Cowboys Cousins.

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Meet LadyVice Lyrics & Cuff the 1st Dallas Cowboys fan base “Power Couple”

How to takeover a tailgate with my Cowboys Cousins

A week prior to this game we featured Luis Garcia, the Presdinet from SCDCFC about the tailgate. Thanks to our supporters who understand why we connect fans at NFL events this type of content is created.

Where did the term Cowboys Cousins come from? During my travels since 2016 among “Boots On Ground” NFL fans, I learned some very valuable lessons. Most importantly I learned all Dallas Cowboys fans are like family. Even our delusional members. I wanted to find a way to connect with them.

Every family has cousins. According to the NFL football is family, and the Cowboys are America’s Team on the verge of becoming the WORLDS team according to this takeover scenario at SoFi Stadium. Don’t listen to me talk about though. here are the video receipts to prove the case.

Whose House? The tailgate takeover at SoFi Stadium.

From Zero To Hero In A Week.

How did thee WHOLE Cowboys Cousins begin you ask? Right in Canton, OH where the cradle of the NFL was born. Several years ago here I featured my Cowboys Cousin “Suitman” of the Dallas Cowboys fan base. Check out the Instagram post below for the scoop. Lastly, be sure to follow us there as well today.

Cowboys Unifier

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