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I went to the AT&T Stadium ’21 home opener last weekend and caught the Holy Ghost. Five years straight now. Against our division rival Eagles. The team Zeke and I both don’t like the most. As a result, the new AT&T Stadium Standard has been written. Heading into Week 4 here are 4 things Dallas Cowboys fans must do to every home game to repeat this culture of winning.

Number 1 of 4 things to raise your AT&T Stadium Standard

First off prior to any NFL game kicking off most fans will go into their pre-game rituals. From meals to outfits. My Cowboys Cousins who take the Boots On Ground approach however link up at LOT 10 at AT&T Stadium. Where 5 years running the Hard Hittahz have grown globally as a result of their tailgate experiences. Essentially where the church is held every home game moving forward.

Watch this video to get a Clear Eye View with the Mothership background.

Number 2 of 4 things to raise up

As the Hard Hittahz tailgate grew this experience allowed both Terrence Parsons, father of Micah Parsons, and Mike Saxon the “Original #4” SuperBowl Champion to pull up on your Cowboys Cousins function. Meeting and greeting players and celebrities have become the norm at LOT 10 over the last 5 years.

Now that the Dallas Cowboys have re-instated Rally Days on Saturdays during the day, you can pack your night with a Meet & Greet like what took place with Jaylon Smith at the Sheraton in Arlington, TX near AT&T Stadium. Following the BDG Facebook page will keep you in the know. Special thanks to our 61 supporters.


AT&T Stadium Standard MetroPlex Vic

When I asked my supporter “MetroPlex Vic” above from San Antonio how that experience went he said he had not met a player since he was a kid. Meeting the new #9 was worth his drive-up for this retired Navy veteran. He also tagged along with me to the Grapevine Mills Mall Pro Shop on Sunday before he drove back to the Alamo.

The second thing you must do is get an opportunity to meet a player at a tailgate or a meet and greet the day before game day. Be like MetroPlex VIC and raise your AT&T Stadium Standard.

Number 3 of 4 things to raise up

During my journey with OAT over the last 5 years, I had to learn which Cowboys fans were really ten toes down in this culture. Many claim to be DC4L. Actions speak louder than words. The level of class of fan determines how you treat the opposition. Nothing says low class more than fans who have to make it all about them in the stands.

The most influential fan club on the OAT Club Directory has a very simple motto to follow. Keep It Football. Thanks to Cowboy Kevin Harris the President of Star Status Cowboys Connection who said his fan club’s goal was to actually be recognized by the Dallas Cowboys. That told me everything I needed to know. In addition, his club members have a code of ethics. Know the part, Act the part, Be the part. Brilliant.

Fellow NFL fans please take note. When you visit the Mothership in Arlington remember to Keep It Football. Have class when you represent the World’s team moving forward. After all who wants to see videos of fans on social media getting assaulted in stadiums? Not in our house.


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Number 4 of 4 things to raise up the AT&T Stadium Standard

Watching Zeke get up on the bench and waive to the fans to get up and make noise on the jumbotron was an adrenaline rush. Zeke understands this new AT&T Stadium Standard. Get off your ass and make noise for Dem Boys. Years previous I have seen the Mothership quiet as a church.

in the cover photo of this article, these 3 fans who sat next to me with 88’s on basically stood the whole game. Especially on all 3rd downs as you can see in my video above how that resulted in a sack. Thanks to crowd noise. Grab your rally towel from your seat and throw it around your head like a helicopter! Raise up with your Cowboys Cousins at home!

Cowbous Cousins Takeover SoFi Stadium AT&T Stadium Standard
Macumba of Cali Hard Hittahz, LadyVice Lyrics, BG, and Cuff strike a pose during the Cowboys Cousins takeover at SoFi Stadium.

The AT&T Stadium staff did a great job of getting fans engaged through the jumbotron. Like with Zeke. It was effective in the noise level that Jalen Hurts could not communicate with his team. That was a HOUSE advantage in casino terms. Get LOUD, and get PROUD for America’s Team. Get your money’s worth. The product on the field is now giving fans the much-needed ROI it so desperately needs.

As we face off with the Carolina Panthers this week at home let’s take note and follow these 4 things to do to raise your AT&T Stadium Standard this season. Teamwork makes the dream work. It was a pleasure running into a fellow attendee Mac Hawkins. Thanks for the cover photo. My Cowboys Cousins helped raise the new AT&T Stadium Standard at this game.

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