The Liquidation Pallets game explained with West Coast Cowboy

From Training Camp in Oxnard, CA to Liquidation Pallets in the IE

Have you ever heard the term “Liquidation Pallets” before? Admittingly it was new to me until a few months ago. Thanks to my Cowboys Cousin in the game we linked up on our busy schedules to catch up and share some FREE game with you on Facebook Live.

West Coast is no stranger to the BDG Network. Since 2016 he has been creating from his phone on Facebook. Five years consecutively hitting the gym daily creating content. Now his hustle muscle is really flexing. He recently shared with us on “Digital Dealers” how he initially started in the fan base creator lifestyle and culture with America’s Team.

Are you an NFL diehard year-round looking for a side hustle? Are you already in the Liquidation Pallets game? Check out the show below, and get all the 411 on how to get started building your pallet empire like West Coast currently is. I follow his Instagram stories and have been fascinated with this process.


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That lead me to you here today. Not only do we connect NFL fans at live events like West Coast and his Jaylon Smith meet and greet this September, but we share built different content for NFL fans during this off-season. If this type of content is satisfying your thirst for Cowboys content during the month of July be sure to subscribe to our email community.

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Finally, if this is your first time here today I want to welcome you. Thank you for engaging with our content this WTF is an NFL off-season. Our mission here is to connect fans from social media to live events, or with a real hustle like today. Get in the gym with BDG and start flexing with your accountability partners West Coast, and myself.

There is strength in numbers. Just like the NFL fans that are connecting here each year that take no days off when it comes to repping your team. Do you live that kind of lifestyle? You just might be a Fan base Creator and not even know it. Join the team with WC today and help him get this course link in front of smart NFL fans.

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