How to join the Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans tailgate WK3

Join the Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans tailgate during week 3 against the Seahawks hosted by the Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans Meetup Group. Led by David Krause. For over the last 5 plus years this group has met up. Now they will showcase an “on the road” sort of like a home game tailgate for Cowboys fans. Pacfic Northwest tailgating at it’s finest. Here is their back story.

It’s impossible to believe there are no fan clubs or Hard Hittahz in WA state. Yet however. Once I begin searching for fans to network with for OAT, I discovered the Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans Meetup. Normally members of this group will meet at Goofy’s Bar in Seattle. I joined them during the Raiders game last season and met them initially there.

Join their Facebook group here.

After meeting up with David and his team to discuss this tailgate in June, we also discussed branching out the Seattle group more south. Primarily into Hooters of Tacoma. To especially accomodate those military Cowboys fans near the Army, Air Force, and Navy bases respectively.

One yours truly will be heading up along with Tyson, another local member who is on the planning team, and lives near the actual venue.

How to join Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans tailgate

The easisest way to stay in the know is to join their event on Facebook. In addition if you’re on Meetup, send a request to join the group. Here you will find most details as they emerge. After speaking with Dave it will take place in the morning. Start time for the game is 1:25 PM PST.

It will be a pot-luck style tailgate. The group is asking for donations to help cover some cost’s. Such as the brisket, and the actual space to host the tailgate. Dave says this will operate and function like a local tailgate party for the members of their Meetup group.

With obvious invitation to any and all other Cowboys fans who wish to stop by. I know that Alex Davila will be flying in with his Borracho Tailgaters. We are looking forward to hanging out with you all!

It will be located on the parking lot of 4th Avenue right accross from the stadium. Potential lot will be 1000 4th Ave South to be exact. If all goes well just look for the flags, and signs with a bunch of Stars hanging out and you there.

Here is a snapshot from Google maps to assist.

So bring your favorite snack and drink and come hang out and network with local Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans at Century Link Field.

Join Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans Meetup in Tacoma this 2018 season

Although yours truly will be on the road quite a bit this season I wanted to continue to build the OAT network in my backyard. I have frequented this Hooters in Tacoma often over the last few years, and built a relationship with the GM Rob Dove.

He has cleared us getting an RSVP a day or two in advance for each game to allow Cowboys fans to conduct a watch party, Meetup for members in the South Sound. This will be huge in not only expanding the OAT network, but also the Seattle Dallas Cowboys Fans Meetup Group numbers. Join our Meetup group today!

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