The First 48; How to win a FREE Cowboys game ticket

Want to know how to win a FREE Cowboys game ticket for the 2019 season? It’s your lucky day because only “The First 48” OAT members can qualify! Learn more, and how to below.

First of all, big shot out to Det. Dwayne Thompson (cover photo) of the Dallas PD, and TV Star on “The First 48; Dallas.” While doing some light research I discovered he was an actual Army veteran.

Born and raised in Columbus, Thompson has spent over 18 years with the Dallas Police Department. Thompson started his career in law enforcement as a corrections officer in a maximum-security prison in South Carolina. “It was a good experience,” Thompson says, “It kind of launched me into police work.”

He then joined the army and was a captain in the military police before finally joining the DPD. Big shot out to DC Super Fan Ballz Mahoney, and my boy Chris Berry who I served with in the Navy while in OKC there at the DPD.

My wife Stevie and I have watched many seasons of “The First 48” with our intent to learn more about the Dallas area from a crime standpoint should we move there while I was on active duty in 2011. We ended up in Oklahoma City, (well Moore actually) but never the less, that’s another story. Initially I only had 50 Comcast cards/ sets of stickers, but when I mailed the 2 out I mentioned in the video, it only left me with 48.

You can do the math on how I came up with this random promo article idea afterward lol.

In an attempt to create awareness and tune into our readers favorite radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). We want to send one of our OAT Ambassadors to their first Dallas Cowboys home game in 2019. For a limited time during the month of August you can qualify. But only “The First 48” Ambassadors. More detials on my “Carpooling With Comcast Cowboy” episode below.

Watch my 15 minute Carpooling episode on your next toilet break and learn more

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How to become an OAT Brand Ambassador today

If you want to take your fan status to the next level like Terry did before the NFL kickoff this season here is what you need to do.

If you’re a #1 or #2 type of Cowboys fans here is where you can help align the Stars this season.

Take for example Terry Wright. A new member who joined recently, and pledged to the OAT Patreon by becoming an OAT Brand Ambassador!

Here is why he said he signed up to help support this #3 type of Cowboys fan movement.

“When I saw your first post in OAT it made me realize that I am not the only diehard fan out here. I signed up because I have been a diehard fan since 1980s win, lose, or draw!! I want to see the movement nationwide and international!! I’m an Army veteran, and every country or state I lived in I repped my Dallas Cowboys.”

FREE Cowboys game ticket


Become a Patron!

Take advantage now in the month of August like Terry recently did!

Now there are only 47 OAT Brand Ambassador “Patreon” name plates left. 1 lucky Ambassador will win a FREE Cowboys game ticket for the 2019 season!

Once all 48 OAT Ambassadors are identified I will annouce the winner “Live” on an upcoming episode of “Carpooling With Comcast Cowboy” before the season Kick’s off!

Must be a member of OAT to win. (Which game has yet to be determined)

Will you support Cowboys fan base creatives this season in 2019, and become a #3 type of Cowboys fan in the process like Terry just did?

There is strength in numbers yall. Lets take this energy this season, and unify to rally against all other 31 other teams!

Click here to become an Ambassador today and enter to win your FREE Cowboys game ticket for the 2019 season!

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