Why Lucky Whitehead has actually deleted all his social media

Not so Lucky

As the screenshots of the transcript from Ezekiel Elliott’s testimony begin to surface we learn possibly the real reason why Lucky Whitehead was cut from the Dallas Cowboys immediately during training camp. In addition, deleting his social media as a result.  

Now it all makes sense. When Lucky Whitehead was wrongly accused of petty larceny, the Dallas Cowboys were already aware of this trist going on between these 3. How Un-Lucky can one be?

Wrongly accused of a crime then cut from America*s Team. Then signed by the New York Jets and breaks foot. Then this comes out and you delete all your social media accounts? 

Luck is simply opportunity and preparation aligning at the same time. Luck brought all this on yourself by breaking the bro code.

Bye Felicia! Here is Zeke on record explaining how he learned of his teammate who danced with him on the field and with his supposed girlfriend off of it. 

Sign the Petition to FIRE the NFL Commissioner here.

Lucky Whitehead, Barry Gipson, OAT, Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott, Tiffany Thompson
Lucky and I meeting at the National Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas, TX July of 2017.

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