Does “Tattoo Mark” hold the title for most inked Cowboys fan?

Mark Shenefield AKA “Tattoo Mark” may just absolutely be the most inked Dallas Cowboys fan in the world. My first recognition of Mark was about 2 years ago shortly after we established the OAT Facebook Group.

4 years before however, many pictures of him on social media circulated, and still do. I caught up with Mark this weekend on the phone to get the official story for OAT.

Thanks to his Cowboys brothers Luis Garcia (President) & Robert Morales (VP) from SCDFC who are also listed on our Cowboys Club Directory for giving him the name. After getting some initial ink both of them encouraged him to go by “Tattoo Mark.” Mark is also a member of SCDCFC and as been a staple to their CA super fan lineage there.

Mark, and Cowboys super fan “Suit Man” have a thing in two or common. Mark and James are somewhat twins in the super fan lineage. There was 1 Fans Zone event that even 4 years later is still impacting our fan base.

It was the Fans Zone Las Vegas Takeover #2 when “Tattoo Mark” was birthed along with “Suit Man.”

Here is video again of both super fans from that event. Skip to the 1:35 mark for Tattoo Mark’s official introduction.

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Why Tattoo Mark absolutely enjoys to meet Cowboys fans

First of all, Mark said that if it weren’t for his 1 and only tatoo artist, none of this would have been possible. “My back tattoo is actually what went viral and created all the hype. My entire body has been inked by Lalo Ramos seen below putting in work with me back in 2013.”

Clearly Mark is one of the most inked Cowboys fans out there with the Boys forever embedded into his skin.


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Finishing up the stadium. 1st session on @tatmrk #DallasCowboys #TexasStadium #lalostattoos #sportstattoos

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During our call you could hear the passion in his voice.

“I do all of this out of the love for my Dallas Cowboys. Not to be famous, or compete with other super fans. I love when I meet fans and watching their expressions. I think I’m just as excited as they are during those moments.”

He attributes his love to the Dallas Cowboys via his late mother. “She was the biggest Tony Romo fan I knew.”

Although his back and stomach are covered with images of Hall of Famers, and other Cowboys-themed images, he said he still has many more tattoo ideas and will find every inch of skin available to him — except his neck, head and face out of respect for his mother’s wishes — to enshrine the memories America’s Team has given him.

Mark also shared that there have been many others who have tried emulating his body of work. Making it very clear that what he does is simply out of love, nothing more.

There is one highlight of his journey he pointed out was the most memorable however.

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When Tattoo Mark met “The GOAT” and he gets wowed!

The ultimate highlight of this story was during that Fans Zone Vegas Takeover. Each year Cynthia and Lisa Bowen host hundreds of Cowboys fans from around the world. During these events are actual current and former Cowboys players. For this experience however the GOAT himself was there. Emmitt Smith.

Truth of the matter is, who was more excited to meet who? Check out The GOAT’s caption he posted with Tattoo Mark on his Instagram below. Warning Music NSFW. 


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Met the ultimate Cowboys fan in Vegas this week!

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Mark said that the GOAT literally had tears in his eyes as he showed him his inked up body of work. “This will go down a my all time favorite Cowboys moment. Meeting the Emmitt Smith at this event was worth every cent it took me to get here.”

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In conclusion

Mark is truly a humble Cowboys fan. He genuine loves his Cowboys family as he stated it’s pretty much all he has currently. After his mother passed last year Mark leaned on his Cowboys family to help him get through. Next time you see him on social media you can share his story with those who may not know!

Do you know of another fan more inked than Tattoo Mark? If so let us know so we can share their story. TO my knowledge however, I think he may be the one.

Sharing stories like these with our audience is all about documenting our super fan lineage here at OAT.

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